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Befotaka Bay, Home The Residence, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

The most luxurious villas of Nosy Be
home The Residence, price side we go upmarket, but it is without comparison possible the most beautiful villas of the island!
A partir de 161 €

Ambondrona, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Beachfront & sea views
Ideal for anyone who wants to be close to everything, enjoy the services of a hotel ** while avoiding the crowds of certain areas of the island. With as a bonus the edge of the beach
Starting at 65 €

Ambondrona North, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Une ambiance conviviale pour un séjour réussi
A good plan guest house is the atmosphere that prevails in my opinion. So Ylang is one of the atmospheres that I enjoyed in Nosy Be.
Starting at 40 €

Route du cratère, Ambatoloaka, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Hotel on the heights of Ambatoloaka
More than a good plan, an essential table of Nosy Be during the period where the starred chef, Benoit Bernard, held it. Now back in France, the table becomes a restaurant more "standard" however the frame is still pleasant.
Starting at 42 €

Nosy Be - Madagascar

Envie de se sentir comme chez soi lors de vos prochaines vacances à Nosy Be ? L’une des nombreuses villas...
Starting from 100 €

BP 316, Ambaro, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

A stay under the sign of relaxation
Bungalows feet in the water in a cozy setting for a typically exotic stay!
Starting at 60 €

Nosy-Be Madagascar - Madagascar

The holidays promise to be exceptional by planning a stay at the Bel Hotel's in Nosy-Be. Near the city center and a few minutes ...

Ambatoloka - Nosy BE - Madagascar

A charming hotel located in the center of the village of Ambatoloaka, less than one hundred meters from all amenities and ...

BP: 433 Hell City - Madagascar

Has 4 comfortable bungalows, with their own terrace, equipped with a double bed with mosquito nets, a small kitchen with ...

Madirokely Beach - Madagascar

The Villa Tsaravintana at the feet in the water and with its beautiful shingle roof hides in a garden ...
Starting from 150 €

BP 132 Doany-Antafondro - Madagascar

Small, cozy, family-friendly structure in an idyllic setting with two charming bungalows comfortably set on the banks of the ...

Antaolankena near Andilana - Madagascar

Plage d’Ambondrona - Madagascar

Small charming 5 bedroom hotel on the beach of Ambondrona and located on the same property as the ...

Ambarihonko, 225, Andilana - Madagascar

Emeraude Logde offers a very pleasant setting by the sea with views of the beach 3 km from Andilana, ...
Starting at 45 €

BP 216 - Ambondrona Dzamandzar - Madagascar

The Bungalows and Villas of the Hauts Manguiers hotel in Nosy Be are luxurious lodges from 73 to 160 ...
Starting at 61 €

Nosy Be Hotel FAQ

Home The Residence
What are the best rated hotels in Nosy Be in 2019 according to Tripadvisor?
Amarina Resort, Royal Beach and andilana sont les mieux notés. A savoir qu'il s'agit de 3 hôtels Italien, en effet les Italiens laissent plus souvent leurs avis que les Français ce qui peut "casser" le classement. En avis majoritaire hors Italiens, nous avons The big Blue, Rainbow Hotel and the Nosy Lodge.
Which of the hotels in Nosy Be have beautiful views?
Home The Residence, Mahita Tsara, Sarimanoka, in Nosy Be, are very well rated by couples.
Which Nosy-Be hotels offer an excellent breakfast?

Si vous recherchez des hôtels à Nosy Be proposant un super petit-déjeuner, essayez la maison d'hôtes Gérard & Francine, Mahita Tsara, l'blue hour.

Which of the hotels in Nosy Be are perfect for families?

Parmi ceux que je connais et d'après la moyenne faite sur Tripadisor,  vous devriez aimer l'Ylang Hotel, the Moonlight, Mahita Tsara, l'Ambalamanga and or Home the Residence

Which of the hotels in Nosy Be are perfect for couples?
What are the best hotels in Nosy Be?

Difficult question. I give my opinion according to the categories:

Learn more about Nosy Be

Nosy Be is the flagship destination of tourism in Madagascar. Moored in the north-west of the island, it is 600 km from Antananarivo. The splendor and the fame of this island rest on its beaches of charms, its vegetation and the surrounding paradisiac islands.

The name of this haven of peace comes from the fact that it is the largest island in the region. Mount Passot, constituting the roof of the island of Nosy Be, rises to 430 meters and offers a breathtaking view of the whole island, crater lakes, neighboring islets and the Mozambique Channel. The pleasant weather throughout the year and the turquoise sea make Nosy Be a legendary destination.

Also called "perfume island", Nosy Be is a place where the production of Ylang-Ylang, this plant from which we extract gasoline, is highly developed. This is one of the main agricultural wealth of the island alongside other tropical crops such as coffee, pepper or cocoa.

The neighboring islets deserve a small detour because they are of rare beauty. The Nosy Komba islet, south of Nosy Be, is worth more than a short day of sightseeing. Its name means "the island of lemurs" because it is home to many species of lemurs.The latter live freely on the islet and are used to visitors. It is therefore easier to approach them. The Nosy Komba also reserves beaches of great beauty, ideal for those who love lazing. Scuba diving enthusiasts will find their happiness and will not tire of admiring the marine life around the island.

40 minutes from Nosy Be, you will reach the island Nosy Tanikely. Its reputation rests particularly on its beautiful seabed. They constitute a real aquarium. In fact, it is an underwater national park, a nature reserve where one can admire starfish, corals and many species of colorful and attractive fish. The beach is as beautiful as that of Nosy Komba. The center of the island is home to lemurs that can be easily approached, chameleons and bats of impressive size. For lovers of diving, the Sozy Bench is famous for its gorgonians and sharks.

If you stay on the island, a trip to Nosy Iranja is not too much. It is one hour from the island. Nosy Iranja is famous for its golden sandy beaches where the sunsets are splendid. The landscape is dominated by an old lighthouse that offers a panoramic view of the islands forming the Mitsio Archipelago, the rainforest and the ocean. The beaches offer a show out of the ordinary because turtles come to rest in the season of laying eggs. That's why the islet is called Turtle Island. You can also see beautiful napoleons on coral bottom.

A trip to the Mitsio Archipelago

The archipelago of Mitsio, accessible from Nosy Be, has six small islands: Tsarabanjina, the Great Mitsio, Nosy Lava, Nosy Ankarea, the Four Brothers and the Bench of Castor. Tsarabanjina, located north of the Nosy Be region is a private island. For those who prefer seaside tours away from crowded hotels, a visit to this unique escape venue is recommended. The islet is covered with lush forests dominated by palm trees, limited by white sandy beaches before giving way to the turquoise sea. It is home to natural reefs rich in underwater fauna and vegetation. Tsarabanjina is considered the most beautiful island of the Mitsio archipelago.

Not far from Tsarabanjina is the island of Four Brothers, made up of very typical monoliths that arouse curiosity. The set of islets that make up the Four Brothers is composed of four pitons standing on the Mozambique Channel. The wild beauty of the site and its calm offer an idyllic setting that encourages escape and serenity. Not far from here, the "Whale-Rock" spot is a popular dive spot for its black coral, king fish, parrotfish and barracudas.

Activities abound to appreciate the beauty of the Mitsio archipelago: water skiing, snorkelling, diving, boat trips and guided tours on the islets of Mitsio. You will have the opportunity to watch the Ankoay, the eagle or the eagle of Madagascar, one of the rarest birds in the world. The archipelago, renowned for its breathtaking seabed, is an ideal place for diving in the Nosy Be region. This has earned him the name of "divers' paradise". You can see barracudas, jacks, whale sharks, napoleon fish, turtles, groupers, riflemen, etc.

The region of Nosy Be is a luxury of nature, one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Ideal destination for a honeymoon, fans of underwater exploration and seaside tourism will find satisfaction on this site.

Photos of Nosy Be

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