A LUXURY stay in Nosy Be, who to choose?

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Beautiful establishments, you have them. What I call LUXE is the mixed quality of product with the quality of service, which is rare in Madagascar in general! I invite you to discover the best of each area for an unforgettable stay.

Luxury accommodations in Nosy Be

A *** hotel with 2-3 pools, 2 restaurants, a spa, a gym is luxury for you? In this case, Home The Residence will make you discover new horizons! 

Enjoy villas of more than 150 m² in the north of Nosy Be each offering 1 private pool, 1 kitchen with chef available, 2 to 4 bedrooms with private bathroom, a hotel service ****, an activity service complete, a concierge, a restaurant run by a French chef by the sea with regular entertainment, spa. All in an area of 10 hectares far from everything ...

Luxurious activities in Nosy Be

Sakatia & nosy origigal

If Nosy-Be original offers excursions accessible to all, they also offer a personalized service to make you discover Nosy Be according to your desires: a honeymoon on a private beach far from everything? A private boat for a day with champagne? A marriage ? It's possible !

Private cruise with full crew

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran

Discover the archipelago of Nosy Be in all autonomy & catamaran does not necessarily mean bivouac / tent / snack / water problem and other worries! With St Cama, discover the archipelago with a full crew including a cook & a bartender. Buffet, champagne, TV, fishing, everything is at the rendezvous

luxury cruise to nosy be by catamaran
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