Weather in Madagascar

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Due to its latitudinal position, Madagascar has a tropical climate influenced by two main winds the trade wind and the monsoon. The general climate is relatively warm but the island has many microclimates, variations of which are sometimes important. 

Suivi temps & cyclone à Madagascar

Météo à Antananarivo


Météo à Nosy Be


Météo à Tamatave


Météo à Mahajunga


Météo à Tuléar


Météo Madagascar d'une vision globale

On the Highlands (Tananarive, Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa) the temperatures are rather cool compared to the rest of the island. Temperatures regularly drop below 10 ° C during the Southern Winter.
In the south (Tuléar, Fort Dauphin) and in the West (Majunga, Morondava) of the island, temperatures can easily reach 35 ° C during the hot season and rarely fall below 20 ° C in winter. 

The north (Diego Suarez, Nosy be) of the island enjoys a warm climate, but has a rather high rainfall from November to March. 

The East (Tamatave, Sainte Marie) of Madagascar remains very specific, because it is punctuated by the rain all the year. We talk about rainy season from November to March and rainy season from May to September.

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