Discover Nosy Be in one day, possible?

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Komba & Nosy Original

First of all I will say that Nosy Be is a heresy, you have enough to occupy yourself for 10 days without worries. But for those who are passing, I propose a fast circuit to discover a maximum of the island. For each part, I propose two similar places.


Discover Nosy Be in one day, possible?

08h - 10h

I assume that you arrive late at night or early in the morning, so the day starts at 8:00 am after your breakfast.

Visit Lokobe, protected nature reserve

Protected National Park, proposing the discovery of the fauna & flora of Madagascar
choice N ° 1

Visit of Lemuria Land

Smaller than the Reserve, ideal with children
choice N ° 2

10h - 12h

I propose you to discover a bit of history & culture of Nosy Be, 

Sacred tree, a place steeped in history

On the spot, you will meet Zeny Jacques who is in charge of the maintenance of the sacred tree and one of the last guardians of the tradition nosy béene
choice N ° 1

CNRO Museum

A museum, a former abandoned research center and a library with an archive of 1,600
choice N ° 2

Where to have lunch?

The choice of places will decide the activities of the afternoon, so either you stay in the city, or you go up in the North.

At Nono

Best table in the north of the island not far from Andilana beach
choice N ° 1


Eat your feet in the sand facing the sea, you're tempted? In this case, direction "Chez Tantine" on the beach of Ambatoloaka!
choice N ° 2

14h - 16h

This is the bad plan of this place: its prices. 🙁
Compared to Europe no worries, but compared to other restaurant on Nosy Be, this is not given.

The cheapest dish is at 26,000 Ar (≈7 €), a PM drinks at 5,000 Ar (≈1,5 €), a cocktail at 15,000 Ar (≈4 €)

The bill comes alive, but it is not so expensive if you take into account the view, access to the pool, the team & the equipment of the restaurant (they have REAL cold rooms, rarely seen ca in Nosy Be)

Andilana beach

Discovery in the morning, a little rest in the afternoons on the most beautiful beach of Nosy Be!
choice N ° 1

Cascade Nosy Be

You can stay on the beach Ambatoloaka but many people I find ... A moment at the waterfall will relax you!
choice N ° 2


Mont Passot

Mont Passot is the place to go in my opinion. Why ? The 360 ° panoramic view will immediately show you the island and make you want to come back 😊
Single choice

Or sleep for one night?

To avoid too much road, I advise you not to go too far especially if your flight is early.

Ambonara Bungalow

A few minutes from the center of Hell-city while remaining quiet, they are neat rooms, a friendly restaurant, a friendly atmosphere and a pool area that await you.
choice N ° 1
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