The cheapest hotels in Nosy Be!

Inn Tamana nosy be

Nosy Be, Madagascar's first tourist destination has a reputation for being expensive. I agree that Nosy Be is not the most accessible island financially, but looking for a can we find accommodation more accessible!

Akiba to Nosy Komba

For a return to nature, AKIBA offers dormitories from € 4 / people and rooms to € 11.

AKIBA is an eco-village located in the heart of the rainforest, in the heights of Nosy Komba, aimed at travelers wishing to get off the beaten track and meet the rural population of the island.

Since AKIBA you can hike to the summit, visit the plantations, school, swim in the waterfalls and participate in the actions of the association AKIBA for the sustainable development of Nosy Komba.

Tamana in Hell-city

If you have to go through Hell-city, enjoy a bed from 8 € / person and rooms 20 €.

Hostel Tamana hostel offers a warm place made by volunteers who came to Nosy Be and Nosy Komba several times for humanitarian works

On site, it is sun ideal location in the city center, a friendly and smiling on-site team not to mention a bar / restaurant with a panoramic terrace on the top floor.

Saka'Do Hostel Andilana Road

Located on the road of Andilana right next to the restaurant "the table of Alexander", an ideal place to go to discover the island while ending up in the evening in a tropical garden, with swimming pool panoramic sea view, all in a friendly atmosphere.

The chalets of Melinda in Ambondrona

150m from Ambondrona beach in South West of Nosy Be, enjoy bed from 10 € / person in comfortable chalets with kitchen

Hotel - Chez Lylie Mardoka

Chez Lylie is located in Marodokana south of Nosy Be 1.9 km from the Lokobe Reserve.

8 rooms are proposed, each one has a sea view on the beach.

The rooms have a private bathroom and toilet, however the flow of water is more than limited, however for the price you should not ask for more.

Bungalow ambonara in Hell-city

The Ambonara is one of the hotels that communicates the least and yet offers a very charming setting.

A few minutes from the center of Hell-city while remaining quiet, they are neat rooms, a friendly restaurant, a friendly atmosphere and a pool area that await you.

If the seaside is not essential for you, it is one of the best addresses of Hell-city in my opinion

Chez Yolande Hotel Nosy Komba

Beachfront in Nosu Komba, simple bungalows while being more pleasant. The most accessible do not have sea view, however the restaurant & lounge (spacious) is sea view and the bungalow is really a night place.

Hotel the little pearl - Ambondrona

A 1 min walk from the beach of Ambondrona, on the west coast of Nosy VBe, the little pearl, with prices from 20 € offers the best value for money in the Madirokely - Ambatoloaka - Ambondrona area.

No restaurant, but several gargottes & restaurants already available in the area so no worries to make you on this point

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