What to do in September in Nosy Be?

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Safari whale in Nosy Be

If some months are what we can call "hollow" on Nosy Be, September is undoubtedly the most interesting month and yet can visited (the holidays being over), this makes it in my opinion the best time to come and enjoy the island 😉

What is the weather like in Nosy Be in september?

sakatia lodge in nosy be

High average: September: 29 ° C
Low average: September: 23 ° C 

The sun rises around 05:30 and this layer around 17:30, the temperatures are hot, the average rainfall in September is 41 mm. 

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Still the whale season or not?

Safari whale in Nosy Be

They arrived in July and continue their migration, they start to be less numerous but you can observe them until early October

But not only whales 😉

whale sharks excursion nosy be

They arrive in September and you will be able to observe them until the end of November, so September is whale safari + whale sharks 😍 Without forgetting the dolphins, turtles and the rest of the underwater fauna, I can only invite you to go to meet them!

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Other activities in September in Nosy Be

activities nosy be original

All other activities are possible, from hiking to mont passot Or on nosy komba, a discovery of culture with a visit of the sacred tree, the discovery of the CNRO museum or a discovery of fauna & flora at lokobe parkfor the latter, with less lemurs I prefer the Domaine de Florette 😉 

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