Apartments in Nosy Be (Madagascar)

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Ambondrona Manga Be, 207 Ambondrona - Madagascar

Starting at 49 €

Ambonara Hellville district - Madagascar

Madirokely Nosy Be Beach 207 - Madagascar

Ambatoloaka BP207 - Madagascar

Next to the open sea and the premises of Alefa - Madagascar

Learn more about the Apartments in Nosy Be

You are a small group and you are planning a stay in Nosy Be? Maybe you'll stay in the corner long enough? Or are you in Nosy Be for business? The best option for you might be to choose from the hotel apartments of the island.

Why ?

First to benefit from combined hotel services and the comfort of an apartment. More independence, privacy and comfort. If, however, you need a classic service: cleaning, maintenance, laundry or other, a team takes care of it.
Then, this kind of establishment allows you to save money, especially if you are in a group. If you are not only passing through, they are generally cheaper than hotel nights. Depending on your number, choose apartment or studio.

How are the apartments?

Designed so that you live there day and night and not only to sleep, they are generally very comfortable and fully equipped: bedroom more spacious than a hotel, lounge or living room, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, etc.
What about the decor, it will be according to the hotel that you choose. In Nosy Be you have the choice. Some combine local craftsmanship with modernity so that you do not forget that you are in a tropical country. Others, especially some villas, are directly inspired by European constructions.
By the way, you can even receive people. Some establishments offer convertible sofas or extra beds in the rooms. The goal is that you feel at home.
However, other spaces may be shared between you and other residents: game room, gym, swimming pool or spa for example.

How are the restaurants?

You can cook yourself. The hotel can provide someone for shopping. Otherwise, if you go to the markets, the advantage in Mada is that it is easy to find fresh produce at the market: seafood and vegetables and supermarkets for other items.
This is one of the advantages of this type of establishment. By cooking yourself, you master your wallet.
However, if that does not bother you, you can always order in advance your restoration at the time that suits you, or take a tour of the best places to eat in Nosy Be.

Which side of the island?

There are some in town, in Madirokely or Ambatoloaka. Others are located in residential neighborhoods if you want calm. To see if you want them ones that are located near the beach for your children or more in town for the animation and / or facilitate your displacement.

How to book?

We recommend booking in advance because there is not much in Nosy Be. And the requests are numerous between July and November. However the offers are still varied so do not hesitate to inquire.

For what price?

It depends on the standing of the residence or the villa. But usually, they are rented by day, by week, or by month. You can discuss in advance depending on the length of your stay.
Some services apart from the apartment may be extra, but this also depends on the establishment you have chosen.

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