Nosy be Map

Nosy be Map

Nosy Be is an island which is on more than 321 km², to make a complete list of the places would be too long, we will see here the principal communes of Nosy Be.

Nosy be Map


North-west of the island of Nosy-be is Andilana, which offers a beautiful white sand beach far from everything and everyone (27 km from Hell-Ville). You will find several hotels, from small to large offering all possible services.

There are also several restaurants, not always the most beautiful to see but they are the best fish of all Nosy Be, do not hesitate to stop there


The village of Ambatoloaka is today the most known / attractive place of Nosy-be. With its many restaurants, bars, clubs and its casino, this is the place par excellence animated evenings! The fact of being numerous on the same site creates a healthy competition that encourages everyone to offer quality products, healthy and relatively fast for Madagascar.
Do not forget its beautiful white sand beach and crystal clear waters that it shares with Madirokely. Facing the Mozambique Channel overlooking Madagascar and Nosy Tanikely, it is a privileged place to admire a beautiful sunset.
Note: Ambatoloaka has a ticket machine, you can withdraw your money safely

Hell City

Hell city is the capital of Nosy Be, it is located at the southern end of Nosy Be, it is the name of the Governor of Ile Bourbon (Reunion) Hell in the 19th century that Hell-Ville owes its name. City dating from the colonization, it ranks traces still visible with its streets, houses, prefectures and museum. It is developing however, Hell-city includes several banks and ATMs (the only other ATM is in Ambatoloaka).

Also many hotels, restaurants, cyber, souvenir shops have seen the day, spend during your trip is a must. Getting lost will be difficult because life is centered around two main streets, Rue Passot and the Independence Boulevard.

The port of Hell-Ville is the obligatory passage if you do not fly. He ensures the exchanges with the big ground. A redesign is planned for 2014. The city center is also the starting point for public taxis that provide transportation throughout the island.

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