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Island with Mats 515 - Madagascar

Ambafaho Beach, Sakatia BP 352 Hell City Nosy BE 207 (mail) - Madagascar

Starting at 65 €

BP 174 Villa Jessica Ambatoloaka, Hell City - Madagascar

Nosy Iranja (1h30 by speedboat from Nosy be) - Madagascar

Starting at 240 €

Nosy Vorona 15min from Nosy be - Madagascar

The island of Ankazoberavina, 1 hour by boat from Nosy -be - Madagascar

Starting at 240 €

Nosy Saba - Madagascar

Starting from 300 €

Nosy Andatsara - Madagascar

Learn more about the island hotels

Because Madagascar is not just an island but islands, the concept of island hotel is easily established. In the island hotels, the change of scenery is guaranteed: you will have the feeling of being alone in the world, far from the pressures of civilization, while having access to the comfort and luxury of a hotel. You will have the opportunity to discover the island and its surroundings through activities that usually offer its accommodation structures. For an out-of-the-ordinary vacation, plan your stay in Madagascar by selecting one of the island hotels listed by MHO.

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