Bottle diving in Nosy Be, more than 20 spots for all levels

Diving in nosy be

Nosy Be is considered one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the Indian Ocean, where "big" and "small" rub shoulders in abundance. Unless you are an experienced diver who has made the 10 most beautiful spots in the world accessible only in specific cruises, the spots of Nosy Be will seduce you 😊

Diving in Nosy be, is it worth it?

Diving in Nosy be, is it worth it?

Nosy Be is 345 days of good weather per year, and even when it's raining, it's at night, so diving is possible all year round with pleasant visibility up to 40m on the quieter spots. Wild side, barracudas, thazards, rays Eagles, fish trunk, fish flutes, trevallies, manta rays, groupers, groupers, scorpion fish and all a fauna full of color, enough to amaze everyone according to their level with dives ranging from 4 to 40m 😊

A baptism is possible?

In fine weather, warm water, lush wildlife, good visibility & the most seasonal seen above, all the ingredients are together for an unforgettable memory 😍 As much as possible, Nosy Be is the ideal place to make your baptism or that of your children !

The question is: Are the clubs in Nosy Be qualified to take us safely underwater?

If they have the training, yes. It takes a level 3 / divemaster for this. All club instructors from Nosy Be have this level. As an instructor, I can say that this level is sometimes easily given ... To be reassured, I advise you to turn to clubs with instructors / dive instructors. Nosy Be counts the only PADI 5-star club from Madagascar, no worries with them.  Diving in nosy be

Can you do dive training in Nosy Be?
  • Before talking about training, let's talk about Federations. Indeed, there is not a single school. To summarize :
  • PADI: Recognized internationally except in France (long live France!)
  • CMAS: Federation French, recognized only by the French. By cons you can dive anywhere in the world, just you can not be paid

Yes but the pay does not interest everyone, so what to choose?

  1. The CMAS comes from the French army system at the start. So very rigorous, not the funniest when you want to practice it in leisure mode. On the other hand you will learn how to make Trimix to go more than 80m.
  2. PADI wants to give access to diving for everyone. I myself, an instructor, can only direct you to this accessible system that allows you to dive up to 40m

What are the possible formations?

This deserves an article apart that I invite you to discover, with the bonus of contacting the only Nosy Be PADI ***** club

What budget for a dive?

The price for a dive:

40 € for a "normal" dive with equipment included. If you do several dives (2-6-10), some clubs offer a sliding scale.
60 € for a baptism

For trainings, I invite you to contact the club directly to discuss, different formulas exist

What are the dive sites in Nosy Be?

More than 20 sites on site, I invite you to discover them in pictures through this article.

And as a bonus, the direct contact of the best diving clubs on the island!

Nosy Tanikely National Marine Park

Nosy Tanikely étant un parc protégé (pêche interdite et surveillé), un prix d’entré de 10 000 ar (4€) est demandé. Un superbe site pour tous les niveaux, du baptême au photographe. Visibilité en général bonne, la plage commence à 1m de profondeur pour aller en moyenne à 6m jusqu’au tombant à 18m. Belles plongées, beau corail, beaucoup de poissons, quelques dauphins, de gros mérous sur la partie tombante et beaucoup de tortues. Egalement de gros vivaneaux, carangues, raies guitare, barracudas. Avec de la chance, dauphins et requins léopard

Lutjans benches

Site un peu loin, visibilité pouvant être moyenne, mais cela reste un beau site gavé de poissons, superbe corail que l’on ne trouve que dans ce coin d’une variété et d’une densité incroyable, éponges et coraux mous démesurés, site très coloré. Le problème est qu’il y a tellement de poissons à certains endroits que l’on a du mal à bien observer le corail.


Departure directly from the boat to discover the wreck (between 25 and 30m). Site with 4 shipwrecks of small and medium size, covered with corals, and inhabited by thousands of fish: large groupers, groupers, large stingrays, guitar strings, school of jacks, barracudas, batfish ... Visibility can be average but if we like the wrecks and especially the schools of fish it is a very beautiful dive.


Superb site in the 15 - 20m. Not the most beautiful visibility but to obligatorily if you come to dive in Nosy Be! You will find a field with hundreds of huge gorgonians, huge turtles, sometimes seahorses or antelaries, lots of crocodile fish and small sting rays spotted blue dots. We walk among these hundreds of huge gorgonians in a strange and unusual atmosphere, stunning landscapes giving the impression of having been painted by an artist. From Impressionism ...

Shark point

Flying located off Nosy Be from 18 to 50m, often good visibility, correct coral but the interest of this dive is the pelagic and the reef sharks: whale shark, humpback whales often seen from the boat between the 2 dives, black tail sharks, gray sharks, white tip reef sharks, sometimes hammerhead sharks, manta rays, mobula.

Manta Point

Diving place with a depth of 25 to 28m. Sanded bottom with coral potatoes. This dive spot is a cleaning station for Mantas rays. This dive is suitable for the first level with little experience.

Gaby Rocks

Deep falling between 40 and 70 m for confirmed diver N2 to see N3, possibility of big pelagic, possibility to make the site on the plateau for levels 1 (15-20 m), coral destroyed but very very regularly sharks: white tip of reef and leopard.

Other dive sites

several drop offs, 20 M - 80 M, with often better visibility than Nosy Be, pelagic frequently met! highly recommended during whale or whale shark periods. Other interest: allows to visit the island of Nosy Iranja, the postcard of Nosy Be

With whom to dive?

With more than 20 dive clubs, I do not pretend to have all tested, however, I searched for those offering the best level of training / maintenance of equipment & good atmosphere 😊 

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