An excursion on horseback? It's possible !

Horseback riding in Nosy Be

The climate is not very obvious for them, horses are few in Madagascar, so it was a crazy bet that launched Lucie in 2009. A bet that has borne fruit and is now the happiness of young and old 🙂

What does Ambaro Ranch offer?

The horse is the first means of transport in history, it will allow you to enter the interior of land Nossibéennes via roads inaccessible to motorized vehicles, and especially in an atmosphere more in, say, 'harmony' with nature? . The horses of Ambaro Ranch were not chosen at random, they are very good horses, volunteers and kind, they will make the happiness of the riders, whatever your level and age.

What excursions possible?

Horseback riding in Nosy Be

BAPTISM - 30 min
More for children, a 30-minute ride through the beach and the village. Walk accompanied by foot for more security.

A correct duration for the majority, stroll through the interior of the land of Nosy Be and of course on the beaches. In the morning or in the afternoon, the team is very flexible, do not hesitate to discuss with them.

We must still be motivated! 3h on horseback, hello glutes ... Knowing that it is not 3h race but a visit from the interior of the land through the sacred lakes to end a swim in the sea with his horse?
The human size of the company ensures personalized hikes and a friendly atmosphere, so do not hesitate.

What are the rates at the Deck?

Horseback riding in Nosy Be
  • 15 € / person the walk of 30 min
  • 40 € the walk 1h30
  • 60 € half a day
  • 250 € the 2 days hike

The 30 min are more for children, I strongly recommend the half-day that allows you to make beautiful walks in the land 😉 

Where is Anbaro Ranch?

On the west coast of Nosy be, take the road to Andilana, one after passing the golf course on your right. 

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