Can we be refused entry to Madagascar?

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visa madagascar

In Madagascar like any other country, rules are essential to fly. Points that we think we know and yet sometimes forget.

We will see here how to come to tourism in Madagascar, and the global rules and specific to Madagascar. To go to any country, you will need a tourist visa (a visa called "Non immigrant"), this visa has a maximum duration of 3 months (future worker / investor, see the visa transformable, it does not work or spend investor later).

For this tourist visa, whatever the country, your passport must be valid for still 6 months after the expected return date otherwise you will be denied boarding the plane

For Madagascar in particular, no need to go to the embassy, you can have it directly on arrival at the airport in Madagascar (Tana as Nosy Be), you will be asked on site:

  • a copy of the GO / RETURN air ticket (IMPORTANT : you can not come with a plane ticket go simple, some countries accept it but not all)
  • The visa fee
    • Stay from 0 to 30 days: 27 € (against 31 € in 2016)
    • Stay of 31 to 60 days: 33 € (against 39 € in 2016)
    • Stay of 61 to 90 days: 46 € (against 54 € in 2016)

PDF source from the Air Madagascar website

In principle (I can not find the source), the tourist visa can be renewed once, that is to say that you can spend 6 months of vacation in Madagascar at most, it is not legal to do more so do not be surprised to be amended for this kind of extension.

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