Located in the south of Madagascar, about 1000 km from Antananarivo, Tuléar is a true mixture of ethnicities and cultures. Located at the Tropic of Capricorn, Tulear is one of the most beautiful destinations on the island. An immersion in the world Vezo will immerse you in a setting worthy of the Wild West.

The emblem of the region is the octopus tree, Didiera, a species of cacti abundant and characteristic of dry forests, harsh and extreme environments found only in southern Madagascar. A few kilometers from Toliara, a sacred forest is made up of a single giant banian whose Malagasy legend tells that he pushed on the tomb of a young woman sacrificed to avoid the flood of the river. The rich and colorful coral reefs, contrast with their diversified and abundant fauna, make this lagoon a privileged dive destination. The long beaches of fine white sand hem the turquoise sea on which sway elegant elegant vezo canoes, with sails stretched by the wind. Fishing is a highly developed craft activity and fishing villages with houses made of branches and foliage follow each other along the dunes of the coast. The city, glowing with light under the warm sun of the Tropic of Capricorn, consists of large avenues lined with tamarind trees and flamboyant, small streets gorged with sand animated by an active, warm and colorful population.

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