What is the weather like Nosy Be?

View from mont passot to nosy be

If you plan to go on a trip to Nosy Be in the days / months to come, the weather forecast on site you no doubt interested.

What is the climate on Nosy Be?

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What can be read everywhere: nosy be, it's 330 days of beautiful weather insured by year. It makes you dream 😀 We must admit that we are not far! 

Nosy Be is a summer casi annual passing through a fall that includes rain mainly in the evening, and an unknown season in Europe, the hurricane season.

To summarize, go out shorts and t-shirt every day, just provide a Jean and a little wool for the evenings between June & September if you are chilly.  

When is the best time to go to Nosy Be?

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If we only talk about the climate, from mid-March to mid-January is ideal, I do not advise you to come in February at first for the hurricane season, which is not every year, but in any case every year the hoteliers and service providers take advantage of this period for their own holidays so the island is calm, not to say dead ...

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How to be on the time he will do on the spot?

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For the 10 months recommended above, Windfinder we propose the weather for the next 10 days, be it weather but also precipitation, wind and tides.

If you come back in the period of February, a little tourd on WINDY will show you on an interactive map where cyclones are.

What time does it night?

View from mont passot to nosy be

In Nosy Be, the sun this layer sooner than in France! 18h at night is there, so if you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful sun, head for the Mont Passot 😉

PS: Do not listen to Google who offers you a shortcut, it is a dirt road not passable, made the grand tour via the paved road 

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