Bivouac in Nosy Iranja, back to nature

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Sunset in Nosy Iranja

Daytime activities are good, but Iranja being away is always in a group so lacks privacy, in camp, enjoy an evening on a paradise island in "private" mode 😉 

Nosy Iranja, what is it?

nosy iranja

Located 45 km south of Nosy Be, Nosy Iranja is the paradise island par excellence : two islets linked by a 1 km long sandbar, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches ... Welcome to paradise!

Where to sleep in Nosy Iranja?

bivouac nosy iranja

You will stay in bungalows (or tents) feet in the water. You will enjoy these 2 days to discover the beauty and underwater wealth of the islets, and you may be lucky to witness a nesting of turtles!

How much does a bivouac cost in Nosy Iranja?

the bivouac is 120 euros / per, this includes the output, accommodation, meals (noon / evening / morning / noon), water and snorkeling equipment.

With whom to book the bivouac?

Today several service providers propose it, but the first ones to have launched this principle are the whales rand'eaux, located on the bay of Madirokely, a young and dynamic team which also proposes many activities of which I speak on this site, such as the whale safaris, the subwing or marine safari.

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