Activities in Madagascar

Activity proposed by Adventure Blue Vision
The first dive, the one from which you will go out with the eyes that sparkle following the meeting of the marine fauna and will make you a regular diver!
Activity proposed by Tanguy
With friends and family, a sea safari day, be it in Sakatia or Iranja is a must during your stay in Nosy Be! 
Activity proposed by Tanguy
Every year, from July to October, hundreds of humpback whales pass in our warm and translucent waters in Nosy Be, magical moments to discover and share!
Activity proposed by Tanguy
The whale shark comes to feed in the waters of Nosy Be between the months of October and December. Totally harmless, he's waiting for you ...
Activity proposed by Tanguy
Daytime activities are good, but Iranja is a postcard, enjoy an evening on a paradise island in "private" mode;)
Activity proposed by Oceane's Dream
The Nosy Tanikely Nosy Be Marine Park, "the big island", is an island off the coast of ...
Activité proposée par Madaparapente
Amateurs de sensations fortes ? Envie de voir Ampefy d’un autre regard ? Voyager autrement ? Essayez l’expérience dans le...
Activité proposée par Randotrek Madagascar
Dépensez-vous et marchez à travers le paysage volcanique d’Ampefy et la région d’Itasy. Rencontrez la population et apprenez sur leur...
Activité proposée par Cinepax Madagascar
Vous ne savez pas quoi faire durant la semaine ou pour une soirée tranquille ? En quête d’une sortie weekend...
Activité proposée par Ten’Gasy
Si vous êtes de passage à Antananarivo, la capitale, pour 1 jour ou plus, profitez-en pour apprendre les phrases et...
Activity proposed by Live Madagascar
Activité proposée par Taxi Dedesse
"I do not fear the burden of zebu furious, even if I was already seriously injured by a blow of horn on the back", testified Godro, one of the best fighters nosybéens practicing this sport since 1998.
A hard boxing barefoot including kicks and sometimes head shots, which we still find the authentic practice in Madagascar and Mayotte
Activity proposed by NosyBe Original
Nicknamed Turtle Island, consisting of two small islands separated by a bench of pure white sand, it is ideal for a day in love, with family or friends.
Activity proposed by Ambaro Ranch
Ambaro Ranch is a small, human-sized business grouped around the simple values of nature and animals, values that are put forward in a warm family atmosphere and respect for the environment.
Activité proposée par Taxi Dedesse
For a morning or an afternoon, a moment at the Nosy Be waterfall will relax you, I had the impression to find myself in Reunion
Activity proposed by Live Madagascar
If you've heard about the NRC, you've heard of museum, research center, abandoned place, military base. What is it really? That's what I went to discover.
Activité proposée par Taxi Dedesse
On the spot, you will meet Zeny Jacques who is in charge of the maintenance of the sacred tree and one of the last guardians of the tradition nosy béene
Activity proposed by Live Madagascar
Lokobe Park, a nature reserve & protected National Park, offering the discovery of fauna & flora of Madagascar
Activité proposée par Taxi Dedesse
Mont Passot is the place I recommend to visit the day of your arrival. Why ? The panoramic 360 ° view will immediately show you that the island, unlike what you can read on the web, is green and casi uninhabited if you leave Ambatoloaka - madirokely :)