Hotels with a service 2 Ravinala in Madagascar

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House for rent by the sea in Ambondrona
This villa has 2 double bedrooms that open onto a large living room with shared hot water bathroom + 1 independent double bedroom with a shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen and large terrace.

Western Route, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting from 50 €

II 07 E041 Andilana II 07 Antanamitarana, Andilana, Nosy Be, 207 Andilana - Madagascar

Starting at 35 €

Ampangorina, 207 Ampangorinana - Madagascar

Starting at 27 €

Nosy Be villa nosy relaxation antsoha, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting from 40.5 €

CCI-Hell City Course - Madagascar

Boulevard du Docteur Manceau, Hell-City (Andoany) - Madagascar

Starting at 15 €
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