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Rum, brandy, the magic potion of evenings. Who has not had the opportunity to consume raises your hand! I feel that the room does not flinch ... Consumed yes, but tasted? Because all the rums are not worth seeing. And the rum of Nosy Be is one of the most famous in the world.

The history of Dzama

"Like the gemstones of Madagascar, DZAMA rum gradually takes on hues and different aspects of intensity and light. "

Sugarcane flourishes in a tropical climate, hot and humid. No wonder then that its culture has spread far from its original lands. It currently represents between 15 and 20% of Malagasy agriculture.
In Madagascar, sugar factories are state-owned factories and the distillation of molasses, the residue of cane after its transformation into sugar is a monopoly. it is practiced in the same factories not far from the places of plantation, which according to their sites will produce juices with different flavors.
More details on making rum

Almost thirty years ago, a visionary man upset the habits of consumption of his compatriots who were content with a rum of poor quality usually cut too much and that everyone arranged as he could according to his means.
Lucien Fohine discovers that the sugar factory on the island of Nosy-Bé located in the North West of the Big Island of Madagascar produces an alcohol with unique and persistent flavors. After investigations, he deduces that this is due to the ylang-ylang roots which are intertwined with those of the cane and the aromas of cloves, pepper and vanilla which grow in abundance in the region and whose perfumes even after distillation.

He understands that by treating this liquid treasure in the rules of the art, he can create a rum worthy of the name that can compete with the greatest. He creates his company, Vidzar, installs it on the island of Nosy-Bé near the sugar factory and calls his rum Dzama, diminutive of the city of Dzamandzar where is produced the rum of base. The name VIDZAR comes from the contraction of "Old Rum of Dzamandzar". In the north of Madagascar, "Zama" alludes to the confidentiality of close friends. So, you hold in your hands a brother, a confidant.

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The manufacture of rum in Madagascar

"All the art of rum is to highlight the aromas of this pure alcohol by assembling, reducing and aging. "

The manufacturing base is the same for all types of rums,

  • Dilution: The molasses is diluted with water to reduce the density and thus obtain a sweet mash.
  • Seeding: Once diluted, specific yeasts are added to the molasses which multiply in the mother vats. (yeasts, acid, air and nitrogen). When they are sufficiently numerous, they are transferred into tanks of large capacity for fermentation.
  • Fermentation : The yeasts deprived of oxygen, transform the sugar of the must into alcohol. This fermentation lasts about 24 hours (sometimes more) and it takes place in fermentation tanks or fermenters. We obtain a "cane wine" (mixture of water, aromatic compounds and alcohol) whose alcohol content is about 10 °.
  • Distillation: The wine obtained is centrifuged in order to separate the yeasts, this phase is called clarification. The wine is heated in a tank called "wine heaters" and then directed to the distillation columns. Thanks to the boiler, water vapor is injected at the base of the column and then goes up through several trays themselves covered with alcohol. The column to be distilled consists of a stack of perforated trays which aims to let the steam to extract the alcohol from the water. The alcohol evaporates and rises along the column while the water stays down to be evacuated.
  • Maturation / aging: Four destinations are planned:
    • Either the rum is sent to processing plants to make rums, punches or other alcohols.
    • Either it is bottled as is under the name "Traditional rum".
    • Either it is matured in oak barrels to be stored less than 3 years. It is found under the name of "old rum" or "amber rum".
    • Either it is aged in oak barrels. Aging lasts between 3 years and more in cellars at room temperature.

The different rums Dzama

Dzama Club, Carte Rouge, Nosy Be white, Ambré de Nosy Be, Cuvée Blanche and Cuvée Noire, a full range of old rum 3, 6 or 10, old rums flavored with vanilla, prestige range.

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