Domaine de Florette, in the heart of Nosy Be, to discover!

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On the road to Mount Passot, passing the sacred lakes full of crocodiles of the Nile, passing at the time by a non-existent track, more than 30 minutes from all civilizations, houses and huts ...
It is on this ground of 30 Hectares in the middle of nowhere, between forest, lake, rivers, waterfalls and plantations, after more than two years of research, that Yves and his wife decide to pause in 2001. Working at time to the fishery of Nosy Be, this beautiful place has an exceptional view of the Mozambique Channel and Madagascar served as a cozy nest ...

What does the Florette estate offer?

area of florette nosy be

The Domaine de Florette is hiking in 30 hectares of forest to meet lakes, rivers, waterfalls and plantations such as wild pepper, chilli, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, turmeric, mint, lemongrass and I forget ... These are panoramic views of the interior of the island of Nosy be, the sacred lakes but also the channel of Mozambique and Madagascar ... It is also a distillery of essential oil of Ylang Ylang which is started at each visit ... You can also visit the small museum created by the Domaine de Florette, offering beautiful black and white historical photos of Nosy be and a demonstration of the different styles of habitats ... Finally it is a guest house that you propose to discover this corner of paradise with specialized guides of culture and history Sakalava ...

How to discover the Domain?

Excursions are scheduled every Thursday and Friday

Thursday Day
This day is designed for those wishing to make an excursion in the late morning.
The program is as follows:
- Departure from the hotel between 12:00 and 13:00 depending on the location of the hotel. Customer care will be done by us.
- Meals
- Visit of the Domain accompanied by an approved guide.
- Return to the hotel at the end of the afternoon

Friday Day
This day is designed for people who want to go on a day trip.
The program is as follows:
- Departure from the hotel between 08.30 and 09.30 depending on the location of the hotel. Customer care will be done by us.
- Visit of the Domain accompanied by an approved guide.
- Meals
- Return to the hotel in the afternoon

What are the visit prices?

The price is 30 Euros or 80 000 Ariary, this price includes the entire service except drinks.
For reservations, contact Claude (Dodo) on 032 07 529 79. Make the reservation before the Wednesday evening for the ballad of Thursday and before the Thursday evening for the ballad of Friday

The Domaine de Florette guest house

area of florette nosy be

It was not until 2006 that the Domaine de Florette really came to life and opened up to tourism with the construction of the guest house, a house made of local materials and 100% self-sufficient in solar energy. Thus, during your visit, in the heart of the island of Nosy Be, lost in the middle of nowhere, you have in a magnificent double room with panoramic view of all comfort, hot water, music, DVD, library, etc ...

The Domaine de Florette is made for lovers of nature and history, a guide is directly "included" in the room, so no need to budget each excursion! Indeed, with more than 10 different circuits the question could arise. There is something for every level, from 1 to 8 hours, these circuits will be the opportunity to learn and discover a multitude of information on the endemic flora and fauna of Nosy Be - Madagascar.

Moreover, they are not simple guides of the forest, they are guides lovers of their stories, and they will share it with you with great pleasure, so you will learn the legends stories (hard to differentiate sometimes) of Nosy Be which are transmitted orally in Madagascar.
For example, did you know that chewing strangler fig leaves facilitated a difficult birth while the use of stems could save you a court case? That the lengomantsiny leaves hardened the teeth and strengthened the gums, that the woodforia fruticia was the equivalent of viagra, and many others, but I let the guides introduce them to you.

Living the Domaine de Florette

area of florette nosy be

Active participation
If you wish, depending on the season you can participate in the life of the Domaine de Florette. Go harvesting the rice, picking Ylang Ylang flowers in the morning dew until the distillation of Ylang essential oil, picking pepper, pink berries, coffee and various citrus fruits present on the field ( orange, lime, kombava, etc ...)

For meals, everything is made from garden produce, natural and always natural prepared Malagasy with a touch of Creole, something to delight the finest palates ...

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