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Ambondrona Nosy be hell city, 207 Ambondrona - Madagascar

Youth Hostel is a youth hostel located in Ambandrona one of the most beautiful beaches of Nosy be ...

Nosy-Be - Madagascar

The Auberge Villa Vero reserves a friendly welcome to its guests coming to Nosy-Be. Four types of accommodation are ...

Ankibanivato - Madagascar

The Aladabo Hostel is located in the northwestern part of Nosy Be three kilometers from the picturesque town of Dzamandzar celebrated ...
Starting at 36 €

Saka'Do Youth Hostel - Andilanana Road - Madagascar

An ideal place to discover the island while meeting in the evening in a tropical garden with swimming pool panoramic sea views, all in a friendly atmosphere.
Starting at 10 €
Before being a hostel offering a quality service, it is especially in ideal location in the city center, a friendly and smiling on-site team not to mention a bar / restaurant with a panoramic terrace on the top floor.
The first "camping" of Nosy Be!
This good plan "camping" is offered directly by Akiba who contacted me, being the first to offer a more accessible accommodation is with pleasure that I let them speak
tamana hotel youth hostel in nosy be

Learn more about Inns in Nosy Be

"Nosy Be is an expensive destination." This era is over with a Malagasy youth hostel service, ie offering the usual services with the local legendary hospitality ????

How to choose a hostel in Nosy Be?

Unlike hotels that are over 140 and guest houses that turn into 60, there are only 4 youth hostels in Nosy Be.

So the choice is in relation to the location, knowing that I invite you to do all four on 3-5 days each, so you discover all Nosy Be

How are the rooms?

In Nosy Be, 2 categories of rooms are available:

  1. Dormitory, 4 to 15 people in the room according to the hostel
  2. Double room that each hostel offers in small numbers (2-3 rooms)

In guest house, check well for each if the bathroom is individual or common, both are possible.

How much to plan for a night in hostel in Nosy Be?

They did not agree but all chose the same rate overall, 10 € per night in dormitory.

How is catering in youth hostels?

No catering service but a kitchen available each time, knowing that several restaurants & restaurants are nearby if you prefer

In any case I invite you to discover other restaurants in Nosy Be, good surprises to discover!

Should you choose activities with youth hostels?

If I usually advise against going through the advice of the hotels, the youth hostels have the same points in common as the guest houses. They often work with friends, acquaintances, local service providers on the shelves, so if they are not the best, they will probably be in the same style as your host side atmosphere ????

But if you want the best in a cool atmosphere, I invite you to browse through this site once again ???? Direct contacts on the pages of providers, which I think are the best in their field on Nosy Be

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