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What to do in Nosy Tanikely?

The lagoon is so calm and translucent that you will see the flora and fauna without the need for a mask. So, if you have never done so, this is the opportunity to do your first dive through a baptism.

This small island has several diving spots, so the beginners and confirmed divers will find all their happiness, more information here
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How to return to Nosy Tanikely?

Usually departures for Tanikely are from the beach Ambatoloaka - Madirokely every morning and are mixed with Nosy Komba. The majority (all?) Will organize a meal - picnic on the Tanikely beach at noon.

For rates, they vary between 60 000 Ar and 120 000 Ar according to the providers and services offered

But what explains such a difference in price?

In any case it is not the meal because it is included in both cases (a superb buffet). The difference lies in the presence of a guide or not (the guides speak different languages and interesting, they know the history but also the legends of the place, always interesting) and the respect of the number of people on the boat (at 70 000 Ar, you may have to agree to be at 12 on a boat for 8-10 for the duration of the trip). Personally I advise you Nosy Be Original, professional service with multilingual guides

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Discover Nosy Tanikely on a cruise?

Que ce soit à la journée ou sur plusieurs jours, il est possible de découvrir l'archipel en catamaran et/ou boutres traditionnelles
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Did you know ?

An entrance fee is requested on this island because it is a marine national park (marine reserve) since 2010, or prohibition of fishing. Prohibition that is monitored and respected by patrols including at night. Small info also night dives like boat mooring are prohibited at night. Was it a friend who got caught who taught me and showed me that surveillance actually exists? An office is on the beach, where to pay the entrance fee (20,000 Ar / person). This price includes access to the lagoon, the visit of the lighthouse and the museum, as well as the provision of mask & snorkels.

Nosy Tanikely is not only a beautiful white sand beach with a beautiful lagoon. It is also a visit to its friendly museum half height and a 360 ° panoramic view from the lighthouse at the summit dating from 1908. Not to mention the chance to cross the lemurs in freedom during the visit of the island .

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