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Cheap airfare, expensive activities, expensive excursions, expensive accommodation, ... Everything is expensive in Nosy Be! This stereotype, we see in Internet reviews, travel forums or with unlucky holidaymakers.

Everything is possible Nosy Be ! You can visit historical sites, go camping, hike, enjoy the beach all day, party until the early morning, discover unknown places. All without spending too much. We will see here how to make your stay a success while limiting your budget.

Cheap activities

Lokobe park nosy be

The nautical activities will very quickly climb level tariff, however the terrestrial activities reserve you nice surprises!

Tour of the island : A tour of the island by car with a guide will cost at least (50 €). However, it is possible to limit your budget by renting a car without driver and without guide. It will cost you about 20 to 30 € a day, fuel extra. Knowing that the island has only one road, there is little risk of losing you! And if you are sociable, you will easily meet locals who can accompany you. Less comfortable but more convenient, rent a scooter between 8 and 15 € per day, fuel extra. Places to discover along the way:

  • Mont Passot : Best place to admire and photograph the sunset
  • Sacred tree : Here you will find the banyan tree, the millennial tree.
  • The waterfall : This place is sacred, people bathe there to be lucky.
  • Marodoka : Former main village of Nosy Be, Marodoka lieu-dit Ambanoro was the first port of the island. The first inhabitants were Indians and Arabs, as well as Africans who are sold as slaves by the Arabs. While visiting Marodoka, you will discover ancient houses including the ghost house, the first mosque of the village and the cemetery of the Indians.

Visit of Nosy Komba : If you leave with other groups of people, you will be able to make the journey for 5000 ariary per person from Port Ambarovato-Ampangoriana (hell-city). However you can opt for a special but it will cost a little more than the equivalent of the number of passengers they carry. Between 50000 Ariary and 100000 Ariary, gas included. At this price, you can continue your excursion to the surrounding islands namely Nosy Vorona and The 3 little brothers. If you stop at Nosy Komba, you can visit the park of the place at 10000 ariary the entrance fee.

Beach and turtles of Nosy Sakatia : To reach the island, nothing is easier than to go by pirogue since the beach of Vanila Hotel. The rate is 5000 ariary per person.

Nosy Fanihy : This small island located north of Nosy Be is accessible from Andilana beach or Amporaha beach where a boatman offers you a ride. The rate is quite reasonable, starting from 10000 ariary per person. You can visit the island, do some fishing.

Horse ride : Discovering Nosy Be on horseback can be a rewarding experience for you. Take a tour of the lakes, walk on the beaches, you are transported to another world.

Discovery of Hell-city and around : Main city of Nosy Be, it is possible to visit Hell-City on foot. Starting point: roundabout next to the cemetery. Place of arrival: district where the old guns of the fort are.

Visit of the domain of Florette: This place is home to the rarest orchids in the world. Moreover, it is the propitious place to know the utility of each plant.

Cheap Accommodation Nosy Be

hotel ambalamanga ambatoloaka nosy be

The price of accommodation in Nosy Be depends on the location and location of the place (seaside or not). Especially in high season, the night is from 40 € or 50 € minimum but there are some exceptions:

  • Coucher de soleil The property is conveniently located near the Ambatoloaka area. Accommodation is from 25 €.
  • At Senga's : On the beach of Madirokely, from 20 €
  • The Little Pearl : located in Ambondrona, this place offers rooms from 25 € per night.
  • TheYlang hotel : On the edge of Ambondrona, double room sea view from 32 € / night
  • Villa Luna : From 35 € but a capacity of 8 people, very interesting in group, all in seaside
  • The Ambonara bungalows : 5 minutes from Hell-Ville, you can stay from 10 €.
  • Belle-vue Hotel : A hell-city, from 28,000 Ar is less than 10 €

You probably prefer camping ? To date not yet available on Nosy Be, if you take notice of a possibility we are takers of the info!

Catamaran cheap

catamaran cruise to nosy be

As soon as we hear the word catamaran, we always tend to believe that it is "expensive"! However, if we take into account the accommodation, the meal and the trip already included in the extra, it comes at an affordable price, can meet the needs of people wishing to live a luxury holiday.

Soa Soa Cruises: This catamaran offers you a ride or cruise for 2 to 8 people. The price (between 65 € and 120 € / person) varies according to the number of people and can be personalized according to your desires.

What type of cruise is right for you?

Cheap restaurant

restaurant at nono

What would be Nosy Be without its famous local cuisine. We can recommend some places that will open your taste buds.

Hell City

  • Chez Angel : Between 6000 and 10000 ariary, this place is good boeuf bourguignon in the Malagasy way (Hen'omby ritra).
  • Tsiro Snack : Held by Malagasy from the highlands, the only place you will find 100% pork dishes. Specialty plateaux, you will taste cassava brine pork, cassoulet made with pork, ... from 6000 ar the dish.
  • Next to OMINO, Hell-City, below the port: Present every morning, the locals come for their breakfast. Very good grilled meat and kidneys. Very good accompaniment with the sabeda.
  • Next to the Hell-Ville Grand Bazaar They are good at grilling tripe called Mocheap.


  • At my moms : If you want to taste cassava mango brie or beef liver with tomato sauce, you are at the right place.
  • At Clarisse's : You will find tsaky-tsaky at affordable prices. Between 200 and 1000 ariary, enough to discover a cuisine quite different from what you see daily.
  • Auntie's : Although its prices are a little above the gargotes, Chez Tantine remains a must. And then, who would not try to taste lobsters on the beach with a player as a Kabosy player?
  • Next to EPP school Madirokely You will find good donuts with a donut shape.

If this is the first time you come to Nosy Be, you will not be accustomed to local cuisine at first, so avoid raw vegetables and coffee at risk of diarrhea.

Cheap flights to Nosy Be

cheap flights to nosy be madagascar

For airline tickets, no quick fix in this area. However, some companies offer low-cost fares for less than € 900 return ticket and Air Madagascar offers discounts if international + national flights. Not to mention the Italian companies Neos Air, Meridiana Fly which sometimes offer tariffs in the 400 €, seen on this site:

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Mada reste une destination méconnue et que ce soit au niveau des visas, des vols, des hébergements il est parfois difficile de trouver l’information voulue. C’est la que Live Madagascar entre en jeux

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