Cheap hotels in Nosy Be (Madagascar)

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II 07 E041 Andilana II 07 Antanamitarana, Andilana, Nosy Be, 207 Andilana - Madagascar

Starting at 35 €

Ampangorina, 207 Ampangorinana - Madagascar

Starting at 27 €
Charming hotel a few minutes from Ambatoloaka
The "Sunset", not far from the Clair de Lune, offers a sea view of Nosy Be and a friendly atmosphere.

Nosy Be - Hell city - Madagascar

Dar es Salaam - Madagascar

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Starting at 40 €

CCI-Hell City Course - Madagascar

Boulevard du Docteur Manceau, Hell-City (Andoany) - Madagascar

Starting at 15 €

BP 268 Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Starting at 60 €

BP: 466 The Hell City Fire Powder - Madagascar

Hell City - Madagascar

BP 271 Ambondrona Avaratra - Madagascar

Antafondro, Hellville - Madagascar

Panoramic view of Hell-city
The Diamont hotel, a restaurant I've known for a long time but that photographer Jean Charles Lavictoire made me discover
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