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II 07 E041 Andilana II 07 Antanamitarana, Andilana, Nosy Be, 207 Andilana - Madagascar

This establishment is located in Andilana near the beach, in a very quiet environment 21km from the airport fascene ...
Starting at 35 €
Charming hotel a few minutes from Ambatoloaka
The "Sunset", not far from the Clair de Lune, offers a sea view of Nosy Be and a friendly atmosphere.

Nosy Be - Hell city - Madagascar

Tsinjo Hotel has 18 luxury rooms.17 rooms for 2 people including 9 rooms are with a terrace1 room for 4 people ...

Dar es Salaam - Madagascar

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

For a stay closer to the beach in Nosy-Be, the Ambatoloaka Residence invites travelers to a stopover ...
Starting at 40 €
Bed and breakfast, La Petite Perle welcomes travelers on a getaway to Nosy Be in its cozy and family atmosphere.
Starting at 40 €

CCI-Hell City Course - Madagascar

Boulevard du Docteur Manceau, Hell-City (Andoany) - Madagascar

The Hotel de la Mer is a hotel whose colonial-style building dates back about a century. It is therefore...
Starting at 15 €

BP 268 Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Located in Ambatoloaka close to one of the most beautiful waters of Nosy be.Hotel Benjamin is a small hotel ...
Starting at 60 €

BP: 466 The Hell City Fire Powder - Madagascar

In the center next to the bar La Porte Rouge. Economic room (shared toilets), with private bathrooms (hot water, ventilated or ...

Hell City - Madagascar

Located in the city center of Nosy-Be Madagascar.Propose rooms, spacious family suites for rent for a pleasant stay in ...

BP 271 Ambondrona Avaratra - Madagascar

The friendly atmosphere of the Chez Teresa restaurant welcomes visitors on holiday to Nosy-Be. Located on the pedestrian street of Ambatoloaka, ...

Antafondro, Hellville - Madagascar

3 comfortable traditional bungalows and very special dishes await you at soa Vola for an unforgettable experience for 2 ...
The Tsara Hotel enjoys a prime location in Moramanga, the crossroads town leading to the east coast of Madagascar.
Panoramic view of Hell-city
The Diamont hotel, a restaurant I've known for a long time but that photographer Jean Charles Lavictoire made me discover

Learn more about Cheap Hotels Nosy Be

Are you on a budget and looking for an affordable hotel for your stay in Nosy Be? Contrary to popular belief, Nosy Be is not reserved for luxury. And you can very well stay without breaking the bank.

What are they offering and at what price?

There are all kinds: bed and breakfast, stay homestay, small bungalow, hostels or single room hard, for all types of rooms: single, double, triple or family.

From 5 euros to 20 euros per night, you are spoiled for choice. Prices may change depending on the season, usually rising between July and November.

Price requires, the service is just as basic: a bed, a desk, a fan, sometimes a safe, it depends on the hotel you have chosen. A few extra euros can make you get better rooms or a breakfast included.

What does it look like?

The idyllic setting of Nosy Be already makes it easy for you to choose your hotel. Whether luxury, medium or cheap, you will find yourself in the tropical atmosphere of the island. It's all about whether you want to find yourself in the city, in a small building or a little further away. It is even possible to find it facing the sea.

What risks?

Obviously, for the price, we are not safe from unpleasant surprises. We do not generalize the following few examples to all the cheap hotels. On the other hand, these are the risks if you are misinformed:

  • Some hotels only have shared toilets. They can have very good maintenance, but others are downright avoided.
  • Even with a private bathroom, it may happen that there is no hot water or a seal is available to mitigate the low pressure of the shower.
  • The little corny, there are everywhere in Madagascar, even in luxury hotels. It's the climate and the nature that does that. But know recognize at a glance or more simply via an informed notice the difference between an establishment with the critters of nature and those resulting from poor maintenance.
  • In some districts, some hotels act as pass rooms.
  • Aside from staying in a guest house or homestay where you can enjoy family meals at home, catering can become problematic. Alternatively, you can fall back on the restaurants or see our selection of restaurants in Nosy Be to know where to eat.
  • Booking services can sometimes be out of date so make sure everything is in order before you arrive.

Our opinion ?

A cheap hotel does not only depend on the price displayed, but above all the quality / price offered. You can find a premium rate service in so-called luxury or intermediate hotels, as you can spend an authentic stay in cheap accommodation.

This is why our opinion remains the same, at the risk of repeating ourselves: to be well informed beforehand. We list the possibilities, you also have the links to TripAdvisor so do not hesitate read reviews!

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