The unknown offers of Air Madagascar

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Air Madagascar

to Nosy Be - Madagascar is back quickly overpriced, however there are some tips that can be communicated. We will see here those of Air Madagascar.

Air Madagascar, you guessed it, the company representing Madagascar. A decent comfort, better meals than other companies and a smiling staff, what more? Ben me I ask prices? And Air Mad does it, whether for tourists, for residents as well as Malagasy, Air Madagascar offers several discounts to come to Madagascar and Nosy Be.

Tourist flight, the principle that everyone knows

With a return ticket International Air Madagascar, you benefit on the internal network of 30% discount in Business class and 50% off in economy class. For this you need to simultaneously buy the international and domestic ticket online or from the nearest point of sale. Otherwise, if you have already bought the international ticket, you must go to an Air Madagascar agency, but the good luck seen the tails ...

01 month unlimited

The SESAME pass allows you to make your own circuit over a period of one month. A single tariff excluding taxes according to your departure city, on all the destinations of the regional network: Johannesburg, Moroni, Dzaoudzi, Saint-Denis, Mauritius and Madagascar. I have not tried it and never heard someone try it, thank you to share your feedback on this offer.

Traveling with family with Air Madagascar

AVANA, For the resident who travels with family (minimum two adults), get a 30% discount on the domestic network.
You will need to present a family booklet and a proof of residence. Offer not combinable with the child discount.

Air ticket for children under 27

TSIRY, the solution for young people aged 12 to 27 living in Madagascar. With 40% discount on all domestic flights of the Air Madagascar network, it's interesting. After all the agencies do not know this offer ... So be patient, print the offer, go see them, they will call the plant in Tana to ask if it's true and after 30 minutes they will tell you that it actually exists. And do not forget to bring a photocopy of ID and a proof of residence.

Resident ages over 60 years

ZOKY allows you to benefit from 30% discount on the entire Air Madagascar internal network to take full advantage of your free time. (always the same thing, do not forget to bring a photocopy of ID and proof of residence)

Malagasy special offer

I saw at one time an offer at -40 or -60% for Malagasy but I do not see it anymore ... More news or so it passed me under the nose? If you know, have heard of other offers, share them!

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