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Nosy Mangabe

Nosy Mangabe

Destination Madagascar: Discovering "Nosy Mangabe", this precious island Madagascar is full of wonderful sites, often

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beach andilana nosy be

Nosy Be

You are planning your trip to Nosy Be and of course you want to know more. You have just visited some local guides, Tripadvisor, little smart, backpacker and I guess you are a little lost on "what to expect?" This is the primary reason for this site because during my first stay in Nosy Be in 2010, I was totally wrong about what I was going to discover.

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nosy iranja

Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja is located south-west of Nosy Be, beyond the Bay of Russians about 27 nautical miles or about 1h30 by boat. It may seem long, after an hour you will say "she has interest to be worth it" then 15 minutes later you will see it and say "yes, it looks nice, it was worth it" to be the shot "and when the boat will dock you will say" yes anyway ... I would have to take my luggage ... "

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Nosy Tanikely

Nosy Tanikely the magnificent

Nosy Tanikely, the island among the islands ... Magical, sensual and warm, its assets will not leave you indifferent ... Between its white sand beaches, its lagoon, museum, visit of the lighthouse and its lemurs, fall under its charm is all natural 🙂

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Hotel floraly komba

Nosy Komba the wild

Nosy Komba, an island still preserved and can be known except by mixing with Nosy Tanikely. Yet it is an island that has more to offer with its lush vegetation, its hikes, its lemurs, its exceptional views, its fishing villages as its handicrafts.

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Akanin'ny Nofy

During a trip on the east coast of Madagascar, an incursion to Akanin'ny Nofy is essential. This little corner of paradise

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Forced to travel to Nosy-Be or Antsiranana by road, Ambanja is often perceived as a simple city

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All those who leave Antananarivo towards the south of Madagascar pass by Ambatolampy. But this city is more than just a city

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Last important city of the National Highway 6 before arriving in the port city of Antsiranana (Diégo-Suarez), Ambilobe is also the

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Ambositra is the capital of the country Betsileo. It is located 90 km south of Antsirabe after the chain

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Discover the fall of Lily in Ampefy


Ampefy is about 120 km west of Antananarivo. It is famous for its many sites with incredible legends.

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The locality of Anakao is located near the Tropic of Capricorn, about 38 Km from Tulear. Installed beyond the

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Andapa is located in the north of Madagascar, 108 km from Sambava which is none other than the capital of the

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Faire de l'accrobranche et tyrolienne à Andasibe


Andasibe Andasibe est un haut lieu du tourisme malgache. Pour un séjour réussi, il est préférable de réserver un logement

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Impressive landscapes, exuberant nature, the Andringitra is a mountain that offers visitors the most complete change of scenery. Much of it

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Located 90 km northeast of the capital, the district of Anjozorobe is best known for its natural forest, home to

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A commune placed on a peninsula, Ankify is active around its port. The latter is the link between small

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At the heart of the intoxicating scents of vanilla, Antalaha is located on the north-east coast of Madagascar, in the province

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Bay of Baly

Renowned for its exceptional biodiversity, Madagascar shelters in its protected areas countless species of fauna and flora endemic. The

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If we know that Madagascar is an immense island, we will not be surprised to discover destinations that well

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Diego Suarez

City located on the northern end of the island, it is also called Antsiranana in Madagascar. It is a popular destination for diversity

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The city of Farafangana is one of the liveliest on the Southeast coast. Waterfalls, white sand, forests, ... a whole

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Fianarantsoa, located 415 km from Antananarivo is the gateway to southern Madagascar. Royal capital of the Betsileo, this city

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Fort Dauphin

Fort-Dauphin, located in the south-east of Madagascar, about 1000 km from Antananarivo, is one of the most beautiful coast of the island.

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Ivato is best known for its large international airport. This is the door that opens on Antananarivo. The centers

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Sanctuary of nature unfortunately in danger, Madagascar has erected the best preserved areas in national parks or

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A few tens of kilometers at the southwestern end of Cape Sainte Marie nestles a charming village with charm

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Mahajanga or Majunga is located northwest of the big island, 580 km from Antananarivo, on the RN4. As well

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Manakara is the terminus of the Malagasy railway Fianarantsoa-East coast. This quiet and peaceful city is ideal for those

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About 20 km from Brickaville, Manambato is a small piece of paradise located on the Tamatave road. The

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True spot of biodiversity of the east coast, the city of Mananara invites travelers to discover exuberant vegetation

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Tourists visiting eastern Madagascar will pass through Mananjary, a quiet and authentic city in the south-east of the country. Mananjary invites you

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Quad ride in Matasoa, in the outskirts of Antananarivo


Mantasoa A 68 Km d’Antananarivo, en direction de Tamatave, Mantasoa est un lieu de villégiature particulièrement apprécié des habitants de

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Maroantsetra is one of the most beautiful places on the Big Island. Located on the coast of Vanille, in the North-East,

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The city of Miandrivazo is considered to be the warmest of Madagascar, its geographical situation makes that there is almost

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Moramanga is a must-stop on the RN 2 national road, linking Antananarivo, the capital, to the east coast of

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Morondava, turning the dead


700 km southwest of Antananarivo, leaving the RN7 at Antsirabe, we arrive in the port city of Morondava.

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nosy saba

Nosy Saba

An ideal getaway destination, Madagascar reveals to us droplets of paradise with enchanting and unique landscapes. Still unknown

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Ranohira is located 683 km from Antananarivo and 243 km from Tuléar, on the RN7. Isalo Park, one of the

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Visit of the mythical Pirates Cemetery in Sainte-Marie

Sainte Marie

Sainte Marie Island, located off the eastern coast of Madagascar, 35 km from Soanierana-Ivongo, is one of the most

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Sambava, a coastal city in northeastern Madagascar, is famous for its vanilla. The city is in a region

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Located at 370 km of Antananarivo, on the RN2, Tamatave is the biggest port of Madagascar and the second city

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Antananarivo, the city of Antananarivo miles, or Tana as they say here, is the capital of Madagascar. Why visit Tana?

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Tuléar treck


Located in the south of Madagascar, about 1000 km from Antananarivo, Tuléar is a true mixture of ethnicities and cultures. localized

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Ideally sheltered in a very beautiful bay, Vohémar (also called Iharana) is a pleasant city of North-East of Madagascar, in

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