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Ambondrona - Madagascar

Like at home
Captain and Tatiana have built pretty little shady cabins of great mango trees situated on a hill overlooking the sea 100m from the beach

Rabenoro Street Ii L57u, 101 Antananarivo, - Madagascar

At the Triporteur, room and table d'hôtes located in the district of Andrainarivo towards the Mausoleum, in Antananarivo. Situated in...
Starting at 17 €

Ambondrona Nosy be hell city, 207 Ambondrona - Madagascar

Youth Hostel is a youth hostel located in Ambandrona one of the most beautiful beaches of Nosy be ...
The Tsara Hotel enjoys a prime location in Moramanga, the crossroads town leading to the east coast of Madagascar.
Accessible only by crossing the Pangalana from Mananjary, the Ambohitsara Hostel offers an extraordinary stay for travelers. Benefiting from a ...
Panoramic view of Hell-city
The Diamont hotel, a restaurant I've known for a long time but that photographer Jean Charles Lavictoire made me discover

BP 108 plage les cocotiers Dzamandzar - Madagascar

Villa Marinella, A beautiful Malagasy villa of 400m², ideal for a stay with family or friends. At the edge ...
Tsingy of Bemaraha - Morondava
Naturally calm and simply authentic, a relaxing place after the track hours and walks in the Tsingy. Tsingy ...

Miandrivazo (contact at Tana Villa Denemont-Andraharo) - Madagascar

Bungalows with private bathrooms (for one, for two and three). An address that has proven itself and that appreciate ...
Starting at 10 €
The first "camping" of Nosy Be!
This good plan "camping" is offered directly by Akiba who contacted me, being the first to offer a more accessible accommodation is with pleasure that I let them speak