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Nosy Be - Madagascar

For lovers of nature and authenticity, for fishing fondues wholesale as for novices of the ...

BP 174 Villa Jessica Ambatoloaka, Hell City - Madagascar

Luxury large king size beds and private terraces. Authenticity of vegetable fibers, precious woods and products ...

Villa Amnesya Ambodrona Nosy Be 207 - Madagascar

Nosy Be Loc Fishing offers: Villa - A Villa on the beach 8 people max, House - A House on the back of the villa ...

Nosy Iranja (1h30 by speedboat from Nosy be) - Madagascar

The Zahir of the island is composed of 6 bungalows (7 rooms), bar, restaurant, water tower and garden. The bungalows have ...
Starting at 240 €

Nosy Vorona 15min from Nosy be - Madagascar

Nosy Vorona is located at the northwestern tip of the island of Madagascar, near Nosy Bé, another island larger than Nosy ...

The island of Ankazoberavina, 1 hour by boat from Nosy -be - Madagascar

The bungalows of about 32 square meters, made from local wood and techniques, are composed of a bedroom, large ...
Starting at 240 €
Located at the edge of the sea and in full equatorial nature, on the island of Nosy Faly in 40 minutes, by the ...
Set on a deserted island less than two hours by boat from Nosy Be, Hotel Tsarabanjina welcomes you in a ...

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" If only ! This is what you say when in the stress of your daily life, you project yourself on a white sand beach lined with coconut trees, rocked by the faint rustling waves of turquoise water, a cocktail in hand, the feet in the water. This image is probably the many islets scattered around Nosy Be, small bits of paradise lost in the Indian Ocean. The hotels that have settled there offer you this opportunity to realize your dreams of escape.

Why opt for hotel islands?

As its term suggests, the island hotel usually houses nothing more than a hotel on a private island. It shelters you in immersion with the greenery of the forest and the postcard beaches around Nosy Be. It is therefore aimed at those travelers who prefer calm, tranquility, independence, change of scenery, nature and privacy. However, if in the meantime it makes you want to have a little animation, it is still possible to reach by boat the main island of Nosy Be, in minutes, one or even two hours depending of the hotel you have chosen.

What is special about this type of hotel in Nosy Be?

Already, it is the only part of Madagascar which will be able to offer you this type of stay. In addition, it is not necessary to have a large budget to enjoy this escape to Nosy Be. Unlike the Maldive Islands hotels for example, the archipelagos around Nosy Be offer a diversity of standing: accommodation from the most modest to the most luxurious. The landscape, the scenery and the experience remain special!

What to expect ?

These hotels rarely have swimming pool, minibar, air conditioning or other stuffy staff. They often favor ecotourism facilities (solar energy, water treatment, etc.) to harmonize with nature, leave as little traces as possible on the ecosystem of the island while guaranteeing your comfort.

The activities are diverse and varied. Most are included in the price of the stay, others require a supplement according to the offers proposed by the hotels. Madagascar is above all a nature and adventure destination. Even on your island, you can go to the discovery of the surrounding forests with their fauna and flora respectively or enjoy the marine activities: diving, snorkelling, paddling, kayaking, fishing, etc.

The majority of the islands hotels in Nosy Be do not necessarily have a large accommodation capacity: about 7 bungalows / rooms on average, others even less, others more. I advise you to prepare well in advance your stay. It rarely stays at the last moment, unless you're born under a lucky star.

Refer to what we offer on the site and do not hesitate to inquire a little more about those who have piqued your curiosity. Depending on the setting proposed: bungalows inspired by local crafts or decorations mixing tradition and modernity. The location of the hotel if you expect frequent travel on the main island. Proposed activities if you want to stay active and enjoy the Malagasy nature. The ideal is that you find what suits your personality, because even planning to laze on the beach, we always have our expectations.

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