Car rental in Nosy Be

Zebu: Means of transport to nosy be

The zebu cart may be nice, but it may be long 😊 2 wheels, cars, 4 × 4, bike, touk touk. How to move to Nosy Be? It all depends on how you want to visit, what we are going to see here.

Rent a car in Nosy Be

Nosy Be has the advantage of being an island with one roadso it is impossible to lose yourself. Quite tempting to go around the island to stop or we want to 😊 

Fare side, count:

  • 20 € to 35 € for a standard car (Saloon / Dacia / renauld) 5 places for the day
  •  50 € and more for a 4 × 4

Rent a scooter / motorbike / quad to discover the island leisurely

For an afternoon or a day, to go to a specific place such as the Cascade of Nosy Be, the beach of Andilana, the sacred tree, Hell-city or take advantage of Mont Passot sunset, I can only advise you two red, personally I only move like that 😊

If you want to get off the road, go to the slopes of Nosy Be and you are not too comfortable, the Quad is the best solution. The possibility of a guide is an option that I recommend from the moment you leave the road.

Rent a hummer in Nosy Be it's possible!

Rental nosy be

A Hummer is not what can be called "standard" but they are available for rent at nosy Be! In the case of a raid / deep hike with a guide, the interest is there 😊

This move in local mode, Touk Touk

touk touk nosy be

At any street corner, whatever the time of day, you wait by the road for 5-10 minutes and one will pass. Fast, economical and possibility of local meeting nice, you can not visit Madagascar without trying touk touk 😄

Side fare, count 500 Ar a small race and 4 000 Ar from Hell-city to Dzamandzar to give you another price

Rent a bike and discover Nosy Be

Activity can highlight, I recently discovered a young enthusiast who has a few well-maintained bikes for rent and offers to guide you during a day by tracks can frequented

And why not on horseback? Sisi it's possible 😊

Horseback riding in Nosy Be

Since 2009 horses have settled in Nosy Be, ideal for a hike in the heart of Nosy Be through the sacred lakes to the Domaine de Florette. Discover Ambaho Ranch

Walk on foot, beach or hike to you to choose

garden vanila hotel nosy be

Some places remain inaccessible even in bicycles, remains to well put on and climb to take advantage of the superb views that can propose the Mont Passot but also the neighboring islands such as Nosy Komba

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