Vacation rentals Nosy Be (Madagascar)

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Befotaka Bay, Home The Residence, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

The most luxurious villas of Nosy Be
home The Residence, price side we go upmarket, but it is without comparison possible the most beautiful villas of the island!
A partir de 161 €

Nosy Be - Madagascar

Envie de se sentir comme chez soi lors de vos prochaines vacances à Nosy Be ? L’une des nombreuses villas...
Starting from 100 €

Nosy Be Andilana - Madagascar

Casa Flops is located on the heights of Andilana and offers a villa for 6 people with a large veranda ...
Starting from 120 €

Madirokely - Madagascar

On the bay of Madirokely, 5 minutes from Ambatoloaka and departures excursions, feet in the water, a villa in ...
Starting from 120 €

Madirokely Beach - Madagascar

The Villa CARLA has 4 bedrooms upstairs and the ground floor On the ground floor, you will have a large living room ...

Madirokely Beach - Madagascar

The Villa Tsaravintana at the feet in the water and with its beautiful shingle roof hides in a garden ...
Starting from 150 €

Ampasikely - Madagascar

We rent a beautiful house La Villa European standard, with swimming pool overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in the ...
On the seafront of Ambatoloaka, the Villa Catherine is a charming residence which offers four bedrooms in ...

West Coconut Road, 207 Djamandjary, - Madagascar

House for rent by the sea in Ambondrona
This villa has 2 double bedrooms that open onto a large living room with shared hot water bathroom + 1 independent double bedroom with a shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen and large terrace.

Ambondrona Avaratra - Madagascar

A beautiful villa on the beach, style "foot in the water", located on the bay of Ambondrona, 45 minutes ...

Nosy be - Madagascar

In the subdivision "Le Paradis" in Antaolakena, in the North West of Nosy Be at the end of a peninsula ...

Andilana Antaolankena - Madagascar

Villa PalmarosaNosybe MadagascarDescription: The villa is located on a plot (tropical garden and fruit) of 1500 m² on the peninsula ...

Ambatoloaka - Nosy Be - Madagascar

Apartments with equipped kitchen on the heights of Ambatoloaka
If we do not take into account the sea view that is missing, this is in my opinion the best vacation rentals in Nosy Be.
Starting at 55 €

Bemoko Dzamandzar - Madagascar

Built on a beautiful tropical garden of 6000 m² at 200 m from the 2 km sandy beach ...

Crater road - Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

For a successful stay in Nosy-Be, the guest rooms at Villa Fao are equipped to provide complete comfort ...

Read more about holiday rentals in Nosy Be

You are with family, friends or a group and you plan to spend your holidays in Nosy Be? During this period, it is not uncommon for people to leave their homes to rent them out. You can take this opportunity to be independent, to benefit from a spirit "like at home" but also for the quality/price ratio!

Are holiday rentals suitable for you?

Ask yourself the right questions before choosing this type of accommodation:

  • Are you autonomous enough?
  • Wouldn't you prefer an apartment-hotel for example for more assistance?
  • Are your fellow travellers close to you or do they prefer their independence?

These questions are relevant in instance where the number of bedrooms or bathrooms is limited in some houses or villas.

How much does a holiday rental in Nosy Be cost?

From 20€ to +220€ per night depending on the situation.

Prices depend on the comfort and equipment of the house as well as the number of occupants. As a general rule and logically, the more people you are, the cheaper it will be. However, some houses are rented at a fixed price, regardless of your number.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote, it does not engage you to anything!

What kinds of holiday rentals are there on Nosy Be?

There are all kinds of them! From the most luxurious villas to the most modest houses. There are those who display a very modern decor and those who combine with a local decor. There are also houses by the sea, in the town or further away.

Some homeowners leave their household staff at your disposal: caretaker, cook and cleaning lady. Some people don't.

Be sure to check out the proposals and services: swimming pool, garden, playground, accessibility, etc. All this must be taken into account.

How about restoration ?

For this, there are several options:

  • Either you do your own cooking. Fresh food is available at the market (vegetables, fruits, etc.). There are also local supermarkets or grocery stores for your needs. Be careful about the distance from your home to markets that may require a small trip.
  • Another alternative is to eat elsewhere in the island's many restaurants. We have listed for you on our website some good restaurants to discover.

It should also be noted that some holiday rentals have established another concept: a residential complex with its own restaurant and/or grocery store while guaranteeing the independence of guests. It is the best combination of a classic holiday rental and an apartment-hotel.

What are the holiday rentals near Ambatoloaka?

My favorite: Ambalamanga with a pretty garden and a cabin in the tree house

What are the most beautiful holiday rentals in Nosy Be?

Without any comparison, Home The Residence ! Otherwise you also have Concept Nosy Be which offers a wide choice of beautiful villas across the island.

What are the cheapest holiday rentals in Nosy Be?

The Melinda's cabin and Villa Luna are the cheapest as I know. Book in advance as it fills up quickly!

Do you have to book in advance?

Nosy Be remains the most popular destination in Madagascar, I advise you to book in advance if you do not want to be disappointed. From August to October, it is the high season, plan to book 2-3 months in advance!

Why book via Live Madagascar?

0% commission + direct contact with the service provider + best guaranteed rate

I see you coming, it's a big promotion and a scam, right?

In fact it's simple, Live Madagascar is not a booking site that takes commissions (like for example) or a travel agency. This page was initially a simple blog on Nosy Be with tips I wanted to share because I have been living in Madagascar since 2006. Today, he has become a complete guide on the big island, but it remains a site I don't live on financially!

But why this website then?

  • Provide information because Madagascar remains too "mysterious" for some people on how to get there or how to get around, what to do, what to discover etc.
  • Show you my results live. If you are reading these lines, you should have noticed that I am often 1st on the various google searches with a nice emphasis. It's part of my job. Thus if you are a professional and you need a website or an improvement of your visibility in general, please let me know!