Vacation rentals Nosy Be (Madagascar)

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Nosy Be - Madagascar

The most luxurious villas of Nosy Be
home The Residence, price side we go upmarket, but it is without comparison possible the most beautiful villas of the island!
Starting from 177 €

Ambondrona - Madagascar

Like at home
Captain and Tatiana have built pretty little shady cabins of great mango trees situated on a hill overlooking the sea 100m from the beach

Ambatoloaka - Nosy Be - Madagascar

Apartments with equipped kitchen on the heights of Ambatoloaka
If we do not take into account the sea view that is missing, this is in my opinion the best vacation rentals in Nosy Be.
Starting at 55 €
House for rent by the sea in Ambondrona
This villa has 2 double bedrooms that open onto a large living room with shared hot water bathroom + 1 independent double bedroom with a shower and toilet, fully equipped kitchen and large terrace.

Madirokely - Madagascar

Starting from 120 €

Ambondrona beach, 207 Andoany, - Madagascar

Starting from 130 €

Housing estate No 4 Lieu Dit Anteolankena, 504 Andilana, - Madagascar

Starting at 221 €

Ambondrona Antsiranana Province, Madagascar, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting from 30 €

Ambondrona district - Residence Bel Horizon - Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting at 96 €

Madirokely Beach, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting from 250 €

Ambondrona Beach, 207, Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting at 125 €

Ampasikely dzamandzar, 207 Dzamandzar, - Madagascar

Starting from 120 €

Ambondrona Avaratra - Madagascar

Madirokely Beach - Madagascar

Starting from 150 €

BP 268 Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Villa RAZAMBE - BP 268 Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Diego Hely Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting at 160 €

Antaolankena - The Paradise / Baobab BP110 - Madagascar

Presqu'ile "Paradise" - Madagascar

Madirokely Beach - Madagascar

Ambatoloaka Beach, BP 264 - Madagascar

Crater road - Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Andilana Antaolankena - Madagascar

Madirokely Beach - Madagascar

Matsabory - Andampy - Ambatoloaka Madirokely - Madagascar

Starting from 70 €

Madirokely - Madagascar

Areas of High Mangiers - Ambondrona - Madagascar

Antaolankena near Andilana - Madagascar

Bemoko Dzamandzar - Madagascar

Ampasikely - Madagascar

Nosy Be Andilana - Madagascar

Starting from 120 €

Akanivato Nosy-be - Madagascar

Ambatoloaka - Madagascar

Nosy-Be Madagascar - Madagascar

BP 216 - Ambondrona Dzamandzar - Madagascar

Starting at 61 €

BP 108 beach coconut trees Dzamandzar - Madagascar

Nosy Be - Madagascar

Starting at 155 €

Read more about holiday rentals in Nosy Be

Are you with family, friends or in groups and you plan to spend your holidays in Nosy Be? During this period, it is not uncommon for individuals to leave their homes for rent. You can take advantage of it to have your independence, to benefit from a spirit "like at home", but also for the ratio quality / price!

What are the offers?

There are all kinds! From the most luxurious to the most modest. Those who display a very modern decor and those who combine with the local decor. Houses by the sea, in the city or further away.

Some individuals leave their staff at your disposal: caretaker, cook and housekeepers. Others do not. So ask yourself about the proposals: swimming pool? Garden? Playground? Accessibility? All this is to be taken into account.

For the catering, it is either you do it yourself, or you eat elsewhere in the many restaurants of the island, or you dine with a family as in a "guest-house".

Others have taken the concept of vacation rental to a higher level: a residential complex with its own restaurant, a grocery store, while ensuring the independence of guests. The best of a combination between vacation rental and apart-hotel.

At what price ?

Prices depend on the standing of the house and your number. In general and logically, the more you will be, the less it will be expensive / person. Some houses are however rented at a fixed price, regardless of your number.

In the end a holiday rental usually comes cheaper than hotel nights. You do not imagine what you win for the price! Compare and do the calculation per person you will see!

To consider !

Ask yourself the right questions before choosing this type of accommodation. Are you self sufficient? Do not you prefer a apart-hotel for example for more assistance? Are your traveling companions close to you or more independent? Important in the case of the number of bathrooms and limited rooms of some houses for example.

To reserve…

In general on Nosy Be, book in advance because this kind of offer is not only popular with tourists, but also national holidaymakers. So, if you come in high season, the best is that you prepare well in advance your arrival.

Do not hesitate to stay in touch with the establishment of your choice because a last-minute release may be a threat.

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