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Photos, videos, TV reports, Madagascar fascinates with its natural wealth. However, Mada remains an unknown destination andat the level of visas, flights, accommodation it is sometimes difficult to find the information you want. This is where MHO comes into play

MHO, what is it?

  • We are not a travel agency
  • We are not an OTA like booking .com
  • We are not a forum
  • We are not Air BNB

MHO is a travel Guide who wants to be a connection platform. You will find the contacts of the service providers on the contact sheets to contact on line for more information & booking. 0% commission.

MHO, the answer to your questions

We provide you on one portal all the information you need for your trip to Madagascar, this with any information accessible in less than 3 clicks. You will find on our guide

  1. A complete guide by region 
  2. The largest database of accommodation on Madagascar classified by cities / categories & budgets
  3. Activities to be done in different regions
  4. Restaurants & bars by city
  5. Ideas for stays & cruises
  6. Tips & tips for your trip

But how is MHO different?

MHO is the largest database, a small comparison dated 24/06/19:

  • Madagascar Hotel Online +1,300 hotels & rentals
  • Madagascar Tourist Office 97 hotels & rentals
  • Booking .com 527 hotels & accommodations
  • Google Business 934 hotels & accommodations
  • Tripadvisor 1,219 Hotels & Accommodations

The hotels are listed, sorted and classified:

  • by category: luxury, intermediate, cheap, rental, etc. ;
  • by type: boutique hotel, lodge, guest house, etc. ;
  • by city and region from all four corners of the island;
  • by price according to your budget;
  • by theme according to what you are looking for specifically: panoramic view, spa, feet in the water, etc. ;

The same principle is applied for activities & restaurants with adapted categories


On this, we wish you a good trip already!

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