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Hello to you, I am delighted to see you on Live Madagascar. You probably know it already, you are on a travel guide dedicated to Madagascar. Let's take a closer look at this site that seems to interest you 🙂

Photos, videos, TV reports, Madagascar fascinates with its natural wealth. However, Mada remains an unknown destination andat the level of visas, flights, accommodation it is sometimes difficult to find the information you need. This is where Live Madagascar comes in.

Live Madagascar: on the blogosphere since 2012

Pirogue coucher de soleil - Tsiribihina - Madagascar

Let's start with the beginning. Me, it's Antonin. I moved to Madagascar in 2006 on the east coast of Sainte Marie.

In 2011, I find myself obliged to go to Nosy Be, an island that I told myself never to set foot because it had a reputation not possible! And here I discover a dream island, far from anything that can be said!

In early 2012, I want to discover this island in my own way, more realistic. This is the beginning of NosyBe Island, a blog presenting the assets of the islands and good tips to discover.

100 visitors / day spend 200 to 400! In forums and even some airlines, we recommend my site for the destination! Seeing that my site is useful and pleasing, I decided to make it a real guide and not a blog. This is where Live Madagascar, a guide to tourism on the entire island, was born.

The editorial line of the site is of course focused on the trip to Madagascar in general. The topics are therefore varied: What to do in Nosy Be ? Or sleep in Tana in business trip mode ? Discover Nosy Be in one day, possible? ? ,or more original and quirky articles like Madagascar, The wealth of the poor, Everywhere in Madagascar, the homage to the ancestors is fervent, STo expatriate, to come to live in Madagascar, the foot! !

Live Madagascar and social networks

Cascade Madagascar

A growing community

If the web fascinates me, social networks interest me for a long time but I am passionate more and more. Which took me to video editing. That's how I created accounts on many platforms, here are the links and statistics:

In 2019, Live Madagascar has nearly 18,000 followers.

More than 800,000 pages viewed in 2019

Trip on a canoe in Tamatave

Beyond the interesting evolution of the statistics of the social networks, Live Madagascar does not finish to see always more curious come to visit the site, without forgetting the numerous faithful who like to come and return to discover new articles which make you want to travel . So, in 2019, theThe site has accumulated more than 800,000 page views.

More statistics about Live Madagascar

Here are some other info that can be useful about the blog.

Data from yooda.com:

  • Ranking: 61 846
  • Search term: 2,300
  • Positioned page: 665

Similarweb.com data:

  • Global rank : 1.019.612
  • Rank in Madagascar : 607

See you soon on Live Madagascar, or on its many social networks 🙂


Frequently asked questions

Live Madagascar, what is it?

I'll start by saying what it's not!

  • We are not a travel agency
  • We are not an OTA like booking .com
  • We are not a forum
  • We are not Air BNB

MHO is a travel Guide which aims to be a platform for networking.

That is to say, we respect an editorial line: transparency of information. All our articles are real, we talk about the places and providers by highlighting their strengths but without omitting their weaknesses.

You will find the contacts of the service providers on the contact sheets to contact directly for more information & booking. 0% commission.

What can be found in this guide?

We provide you with all the necessary information for your trip to Madagascar on a single portal, with all information accessible in less than 3 clicks. You will find on our guide

  1. A complete guide by region 
  2. The largest database of accommodation in Madagascar classified by town / category & budget
  3. Activities to be done in different regions
  4. Restaurants & bars by city
  5. Ideas for stays & cruises
  6. Tips & tips for your trip
  7. The week's events by city
How long has Live Madagascar been in the game?

The website has been in operation since 2012.

The name at the time being Madagascar Hotels Online. At the time, it was a register of hotels in Madagascar.

In January 2019, the site and the approach were completely redesigned, hence the new name "Live Madagascar".

How many visitors on the site?

About 1,000 / day, or 30,000 visitors / month. The most exposed tourist site in Madagascar 


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Mada reste une destination méconnue et que ce soit au niveau des visas, des vols, des hébergements il est parfois difficile de trouver l’information voulue. C’est la que Live Madagascar entre en jeux

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