Top 5 snorkeling spots at nosy be

Snorkeling at Nosy Tanikely

Famous for its marine biodiversity, the island of Nosy be has very diverse marine aquatic species, both fish and corals. All are not accessible in snorkeling, some ask to go scuba diving, today, let's focus on the palm-mask-snorkel.


Top 5 snorkeling spots at nosy be

Nosy Tanikely

snorkeling nosy be

Nosy Tanikely, known as "little land" is probably the most famous of the Nosy Be Islands to practice snorkeling, indeed, being a marine park this island is protected and therefore prohibited from fishing there.

You can admire different species of fish, this island is a real aquarium and the waters are clear and shallow (between 2 and 12m) ideal to admire the aquatic animals.

You will be able to observe in Nosy Tanikely nested turtles, guitar strings, leopard eagle, Spanish mackerel, trevally, barracuda, dolphin and we also have small fish such as, antennae, fish-leaf, ghost-fish, nudibranch and the most colorful, clownfish nestled in in anemones, parrot fish, as well as colorful seashells astonishing fishes, crocodiles, butterflies, batfish whites, gaterini, snappers, fusiliers, groupers, moray eels, not to mention blue stingrays and the presence of two green and scaled tortoises, which evolve among magnificent gorgonians, anemones and other echinoderms. Among the rocks along the coast are curious small fish with legs called periophthalmos.

To take advantage of this day, several solutions:

Nosy Sakatia

snorkeling nosy be

Located west of Nosy be,  Nosy Sakatia, known as theOrchid Island also offers a good spot to practice snorkeling, with a shallow herbarium (2 and 3m), Nosy Sakatia is ideal to observe and admire the gigantic green turtles that come to eat and scratch shells at high tide on the reefs. Opportunity to swim with the turtles observed, which in adulthood exceed 250 kg! You can also see groupers, jacks, tuna (mackerel, skipjack), barracudas, and many other forms of reef life.

Go on an excursion to Sakatia according to your desires via

  1. Safari Marin in Sakatia
  2. Day on a private beach in Sakatia
  3. Mixed Tanikely - Sakatia

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Want to eat your feet in the sand? I propose you on a bay in Nosy sakatia!

Nosy Iranja

nosy iranja

Famous for its turquoise waters and white sand Nosy Iranja can also be a snorkeling spot to admire turtles and coral fish and during the whale or whale shark season, this island is highly recommended for viewing.

Discover Nosy Iranja

  1. During a day trip
  2. For a 2J / 1N bivouac

Nosy Fanihy

An island still in the wild, the beach is full of corals and fishermen (sea eagles), the island of Nosy Fanihy or island with bats (do not worry you will not see bats ), you can also practice snorkeling, with clear water and turquoise, you can see different fish.

Nosy Vorona

Nosy vorona is the island in front of Nosy komba, the island of lemurs, around this island on the coast you can also practice snorkeling and admire different fish.

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