Nosy Be Restaurants - Madagascar

Run by a young team: Mat and Elina, the restaurant adjoins the Baleine Rand'eau center in a friendly atmosphere in "puff" sea view. You can find Tapas, Sandwich, Cheesburger, Cookies, Muffins and other gourmet assortments of the house.
The Ampasoa, a little unknown cove next to the main bay that become the tourist beach of Sakatia, and a good restaurant & relaxation plan that accepts up to 20 people, that I invite you to discover.
Eat your feet in the sand facing the sea, you're tempted? In this case, direction "Chez Tantine" on the beach of Ambatoloaka!
A restaurant may know, they prefer to stay on a hotel clientele in order to keep their quality, however this one is open to outdoor.
At Nono, also known as "The Rice Rum" is not the # 1 restaurant of Tripadvisor for nothing!

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Nosy Be is rich in fish and tropical fruits, a multitude of flavors that inspire restaurants to create new recipes every week. In each corner of the beaches and each neighborhood, you will not miss to find small restaurants and restaurants that will offer their cuisine at prices ranging from 10 cents to 15 euros depending on the type of place

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