Good tips before you go to Madagascar

Madagascar in practice

MADAGASCAR is a country where life is good, a welcoming population, beautiful landscapes, miles a marvel has

The main towns

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Jet lag

To better prepare your stay, make an appointment or stay in touch with your friends or colleagues without disturbing them

essential before leaving for nosy be

Weather in Madagascar

Due to its latitudinal position, Madagascar has a tropical climate influenced by two main winds the trade wind and the monsoon.

noel nosy be
Nosy Be Archipelago

Or eat at Christmas and / or New Year in Nosy Be?

If you have the chance to spend Christmas in Nosy Be, where to spend Christmas Eve is a question you probably have to ask yourself! An important choice, below are some good restaurants where to celebrate Christmas and / or New Year's Day.

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Nosy Be Archipelago

Clichés have a hard time in Nosy Be!

Whether on the backpacker or simply in Facebook comments, I read punctually negative feedback on Nosy Be for points that make me bristle hair. Stop missing your vacation for details!

villas for rent in nosy be
Nosy Be Archipelago

A LUXURY stay in Nosy Be, who to choose?

Beautiful establishments, you have them. What I call LUXE is the mixed quality of product with the quality of service, which is rare in Madagascar in general! I invite you to discover the best of each area for an unforgettable stay.

Safari whale in Nosy Be
Nosy Be Archipelago

What to do in September in Nosy Be?

September is undoubtedly the most interesting month and yet can be visited, this makes it the best time to come and enjoy the island 😉

Inn Tamana nosy be
Nosy Be Archipelago

The cheapest hotels in Nosy Be!

Nosy Be, Madagascar's first tourist destination has a reputation for being expensive. I agree that Nosy Be is not the most financially accessible island, but looking for one can find accessible accommodations.

Nosy Be Videos

With 358,000 videos published on Nosy Be, it's hard to see everything! I propose you here a selection of the most beautiful videos that I could find.

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Nosy Be Archipelago

Nosy Be cheap, it's possible!

Cheap airfare, expensive activities, expensive excursions, expensive accommodation, ... Everything is expensive in Nosy Be! some solutions here

Family trip to nosy be madagascar

I take my children to Nosy Be!

Going on holidays with children, not always a small business because the activities popular with adults are not always to their liking, so not always easy to find a destination that will please them.

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