Nosy Be in pictures and in Sakalava

Nosybe the big island and its sisters

An archipelago bathed in sunshine 340 days a year with a unique biodiversity, traditions and a surprising culture, a sweetness of life pleasant to know many activities or to see superb landscapes deserved a book. Of course we are talking about Nosy Be.

Nosy Be, the big island and its sisters From Tâha editions(Michel BORDIEU / Jérôme MIQUEL - ISBN 9782746658134) offers you a book of 48 pages in the format 21cm x 20cm with more than 580 pictures colors and black & white to discover through 57 themes such as fauna, flora, cooking, traditions, pharmacopoeia, crafts, history, etc. All in local dialect specific to this area of the North West Indian Ocean of Madagascar: the sakalava.

The book was published in Madagascar. The mounting and gluing of the leaflets was done by hand in order to privilege the human employment rather than the use of machine. Released recently, it is currently distributed in Madagascar. It will be proposed in Reunion Island and on sale online. You will find it so for the moment on Antananarivo : at Espaces Loisirs as well as at readings and leisures, on Nosy Be  : at most hotels (the list will be too long)

contact for an order:

Tâha editions
Michel BORDIEU / Jérôme MIQUEL
Madagascar: Jerome: +261 (0) 32 40 540 02 / Michel: +261 (0) 32 66 78 519
The Meeting: Michel: +262 (0) 692 28 72 20

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