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207 Nosy Be BP 325 - Madagascar

The luxury hotel par excellence of Nosy Be
The most luxurious hotel in Nosy Be, however this hotel remains the best destination for couples / families wishing to enjoy the island while enjoying all the European comforts.
Starting at 134 €

BP 58, Madirokely - Madagascar

Ideally located at the edge of one of the most beautiful beaches of Nosy Be, Madirokely, the Royal Beach Hotel **** radiates ...

Pk 15 Bemoko-Dzamandzar BP 142 - Madagascar

In front of Sakatia Island, the Ravintsara wellness hotel is at the heart of a tropical park, a veritable jewel of greenery, ...
Starting at 225 €

Ambondrona - Madagascar

Palm Beach Resort & Spa welcomes you in its complex of 63 rooms and pagodas (bungalows) where elegance rhymes with softness ...

Amporaha South Dzamandzar BP 129 - Madagascar

The NOSY BE HOTEL, a few kilometers from the capital of Hell-city and facing the islet of Nosy Tanga, is ...
Starting from 110 €

Ankibanivato 207 - Madagascar

Kintana Beach Resort & Spa is a small and charming resort surrounded by a large lush green tropical garden. The spring has ...
Starting from 50 €

BP 501 Ambaro Dzamanzar - Madagascar

Just come to the Hotel Corail Noir and to feel a balance between the vegetation, the sea, the beach: a ...
Starting at 105 €

BP 431 Amporaha Ambohiday - Madagascar

Inserted in a natural setting of 10 hectares still virgin and bordering a beach of 675 meters long, Amporaha Resort is ...

BP 202 Hell-city - Madagascar

Specially created to preserve the sweetness of life so characteristic to Nosy Be. Between the infinitely blue sky and the azure ...
Hotel feet in the water, Loharano Hotel, with its comfortable bungalows and its exotic charm infrastructure, seduces the ...

Madirokely - Nosy Be - Madagascar

The luxury hotel in Madirokely
One of the most beautiful places where I could work precisely, ideal for a trip in love with Nosy Be;)

Learn more about luxury hotels in Nosy Be

You want to treat yourself after your adventure on the big island or if you are simply looking for a place for an exotic honeymoon. You have opted for Nosy Be and you want to give yourself the luxury of an upscale establishment. After some online consultations, you do not find yourself, because all the pictures are dreaming! But which one to choose?

There is luxury and luxury

The star allocation remains random in Madagascar. The luxury hotel label is instead awarded based on location, standing and price of rooms. The majority of luxury hotels in Nosy Be have an attractive setting, it must be said. Even a straw hut can be pretty on this island as it looks straight out of a postcard.

How much is luxury at Nosy Be?

There are about 12 luxury hotels in Nosy Be whose price varies between 75 and 250 euros. Suites can range from 160 to 1,000 euros per night depending on the establishment and the season. But I advise you to learn well upstream, because the prices, like the stars are not indicative. For some, half board is mandatory. Other less expensive are no less luxurious and vice versa.

How to choose in this case?

It will be according to your tastes, your personality and your trip.

The majority of luxury hotels in Nosy Be have their own private beach, facing the sea. Some have a forest, a large green area or a breathtaking view on the island and more. Prices will also depend on the view you have of your room. Establishments that face the sea or are located higher are generally more expensive.

Other hotels are more of the "business" type and have opted for a more square architecture, more building. Take into account for business travelers for example to have WiFi in the rooms. The structures in scattered bungalows can not necessarily afford it logistically.

You can also choose according to the location of the hotel. Those who are located near the city or more known national tourists like Andilana beach will be more lively. Ideal for families or friends who love the company. Others will be more secluded in their corner like Mangasoa Lodge or Nosy Komba Lodge. More isolated, less animated, ideal for couples who want to be in their bubble during their honeymoon.

The activities you are passionate about can also guide your choice. Some luxury hotels are located near Sakatia for those who love diving. Others have a fitness center for those who want to stay active or a spa for those who prefer pampering. If some hotels fill all these boxes, others may lack basic equipment and services such as air conditioning for example because of their location. Same case for the pool. If the majority are provided, others do not, because they consider that the ocean around you is a huge natural pool at your disposal. However, they are no less luxurious if we take into account the quality of their service and the comfort of their room.

The decor of the majority of the hotels is generally inspired by Malagasy noble materials. It's all about whether you want to play luxury Robinson Crusoe or if you prefer a wooden trinket, but a concrete wall. It's up to you to make the choice that suits you.

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