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207 Nosy Be BP 325 - Madagascar

The luxury hotel par excellence of Nosy Be
The most luxurious hotel in Nosy Be, however this hotel remains the best destination for couples / families wishing to enjoy the island while enjoying all the European comforts.
Starting at 134 €

BP 58, Madirokely, Nosy Be - Madagascar

Cet hôtel est un 4 étoiles avec une architecture d’inspiration malgache, malaisienne et créole avec une vue splendide donnant sur...
A partir de 140 €

Pk 15 Bemoko-Dzamandzar BP 142 - Madagascar

In front of Sakatia Island, the Ravintsara wellness hotel is at the heart of a tropical park, a veritable jewel of greenery, ...
Starting at 225 €

Ambondrona - Madagascar

Palm Beach Resort & Spa welcomes you in its complex of 63 rooms and pagodas (bungalows) where elegance rhymes with softness ...

BP 209, Amporaha, Dzamandzar, Nosy Be - Madagascar

Ce complexe hôtelier de luxe vous propose une expérience inoubliable d’immersion dans la nature et de tranquillité mais en bord...
Starting from 120 €

Ankibanivato 207 - Madagascar

Kintana Beach Resort & Spa is a small and charming resort surrounded by a large lush green tropical garden. The spring has ...
Starting from 50 €

BP 111, Plage d'Andilana, Nosy Be - Madagascar

This luxury hotel complex is the largest international tourist complex in Madagascar.
A partir de 290 €

BP 501 Ambaro Dzamanzar - Madagascar

Just come to the Hotel Corail Noir and to feel a balance between the vegetation, the sea, the beach: a ...
Starting at 105 €

BP 431 Amporaha Ambohiday - Madagascar

Inserted in a natural setting of 10 hectares still virgin and bordering a beach of 675 meters long, Amporaha Resort is ...

BP 202, Ambohiday, Nosy Be - Madagascar

Ce complexe hôtelier de luxe appartient au groupe international italien VOI Hotels. Une expérience de la vraie hospitalité italienne vous...
Hotel feet in the water, Loharano Hotel, with its comfortable bungalows and its exotic charm infrastructure, seduces the ...

Madirokely - Nosy Be - Madagascar

The luxury hotel in Madirokely
One of the most beautiful places where I could work precisely, ideal for a trip in love with Nosy Be;)

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Do you want to please yourself after your adventure on the big island or are you simply looking for a place for an exotic honeymoon, or are you looking for relaxation after a busy year at work? You have opted for Nosy Be and you want to offer yourself the luxury of a top-of-the-range establishment. After a few online consultations, you don't find yourself because all the photos make you dream! Which one to choose?

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