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13, Rue Andriandahifotsy, Faravohitra, 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar

Cet hôtel de luxe, de par son nom, est un établissement conçu pour intégrer le bois précieux de palissandre tant...
Starting from 100 €

17, Rue Printsy Ratsimamanga, 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar

It is one of the most popular establishments in Antananarivo. The restaurant of Varangue, elected best of the ...
Starting at 90 €

Rue Pierre Stibbe Anosy - BP 959 - Madagascar

Member of "Summit Hotels & Resorts", one of Preferred Hotel Group's brands, the Carlton Hotel impresses with its location ...
Starting at 126 €

Tsiombikibo - Lot VE 12 Ambatovinaky - Madagascar

An essential luxury address of the capital, the Grand Hotel Urban stands out from the rest thanks to its strategic location offering ...
Starting at 81 €

Lot 66 B Antanetibe, 105 Ivato - Madagascar

On your arrival, before your departure, or between two flights, the Relais des Plateaux is known for the comfort of ...
Starting at 116 €

29 Prince Ratsimamanga Street, 101 Antananarivo, - Madagascar

The Colbert Hotel overlooks the capital and offers a panoramic view of the different monuments of the city. Perched on the hill ...
Starting at 65 €

207 Nosy Be BP 325 - Madagascar

The luxury hotel par excellence of Nosy Be
The most luxurious hotel in Nosy Be, however this hotel remains the best destination for couples / families wishing to enjoy the island while enjoying all the European comforts.
Starting at 134 €

129 Boulevard Joffre - Madagascar

The Génération Hôtel offers single, double or family rooms. All rooms are spacious, airy, with a small furniture (desk-wardrobe) .Each room has ...

Lot II F 5 Ambondrona - 74 Street - Madagascar

Three-star hotel-restaurant, located halfway up and in the city center, 10 minutes drive from the train station ...
Starting at 40 €

0910 C 92 - Manodidina ny Gara - Madagascar

PLUMERIA hotel welcomes you in a warm and charming. The rooms, the restaurant, the spaces of the hotel are all under the ...
Starting at 49 €

Amborovy - Madagascar

Green Club Amborovy is 15 km from Majunga city and 10 minutes from the airport ....

ALOE Building, Antanimena, 101 Antananarivo - Madagascar

Cet hôtel de luxe idéalement situé en ville allie parfaitement détente, calme et tranquillité dans un cadre moderne et contemporain....
Starting at 62 €

Bd Hubert Garbit, BP 1150 - Madagascar

Ideally located in the heart of the city, the hotel TOMBONTSOA is intended for a clientele of travelers of pleasure and people ...

Salazamay North Plot 14/21 - Madagascar

Fleuri, a modern design hotel offering 12 beautiful spacious rooms spread around a wooded and closed parking! The ...

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Like all tropical destinations, Madagascar has luxury hotels in its hotel park. International class services, qualified staff, diversified restaurant menus, state-of-the-art infrastructures ... everything is done to ensure that your stay on the Big Island is as smooth as possible. Discover our selection of luxury hotels in Madagascar for a change of scenery under the sign of comfort and service.