Idea of gifts to bring back for Christmas!

gift nosybe

You have planned to spend the end of year holidays in Nosy Be, the question of "bring back" this break naturally! Below are some gift ideas to offer.

Madagascar chocolate

madagascar chocolate

We can not talk about Madagascar's chocolate without mentioning Madagascar's cocoa. This is what makes this superior quality as well as the know-how of the chocolatiers of course!

Rums of Nosy Be

rum dzama nosy be

An exceptional rum, that of Nosy-Be lands, of the factory of Dzamandzar, without aggressiveness with slightly caramelized taste.
Letchis, pineapple, oranges, plums, strawberries, cinnamon, vanilla associated with each other or not.

You do not know where to spend Christmas?

Some good restaurants where to celebrate Christmas and / or New Year's Day.

Book on Nosy Be

Nosybe the big island and its sisters

A 48-page book about Nosy Be, its fauna, flora, culture

Star sapphire 💕

star sapphire nosy be

This is the newage stone par excellence to enter the Aquarian era. Symbol of a sincere and lasting love when offered, attached by the contemporary astrology to Uranus, it is pledge of fidelity for the couples.

Essential oils from Madagascar

garden of sans nosy be

The essential oils of Jardins des Sens are guaranteed without parabens, dyes or other similar chemicals. As a reminder, the packaging does not make the quality of the product! No overpacks here for the respect of the environment 😉

Madagascar spices

Madagascar spice

Sambava Spices offers the highest quality Madagascar spices found in Madagascar, thanks to a manual selection of each local producer who are committed to respecting specific quality protocols.

Boat model more real than life!

Using the word "model" is almost an insult to its little wonders that are nothing less than exact reproductions in the smallest details of their big brothers!

Offer a unique work!

thomas pirogue nosy be (1)

Thomas, also known as the "sandman" of Nosy Be, is an artist who makes wooden carvings, his specialty being the canoe wood

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