The garden of the senses

garden of sans nosy be

The Garden of the Senses is a nice little store located on the main road of Hell City near the BFV-SG in front of the Oasis, which has been around for almost 2 years but which I discovered recently.

What does the garden of the senses offer?

garden of sans nosy be

The Jardin des Sens offers you a huge choice of natural Malagasy products (organic) at the service of your well-being! You will find essential oils, jams, soaps, scented candles and other natural products. Stores where to find his products, there are several, I'm talking about this one because it comes in a field of eco-tourism. Indeed, all its products are made from Malagasy plants and made by Malagasy producers in respect of both parties as well as exchanges of skills.
Also, the Garden of the senses respects forests and cultures thanks to the partnerships with the Organizations of protection of the environment and biodiversity.

100% pure essential oils guaranteed

garden of sans nosy be

The essential oils of Jardins des Sens are guaranteed without parabens, dyes or other similar chemicals. As a reminder, the packaging does not make the quality of the product! No overpacks here for the respect of the environment 😉

Picker's Council: Do you know? Geranium essential oil is an excellent repellent against insects: mix it evenly in a diffuser with lemongrass essential oil. You can also pour 2 drops of each on your pillow before bedtime to keep mosquitoes away. !

Homemade jams

garden of sans nosy be

The Jardin des Sens offers a range of jams and jellies, without preservatives and high quality. Recipes and production are elaborated by the Confiturerie Saint Joseph in order to stay closer to the real flavor of the fruit.
The confiturerie directly supports about 50 Malagasy families through the employment of 14 workers and the purchase of products from 25 farmers and a dozen embroiderers and winnowers.
Double reason to taste them and consume them!

Nice decorations

garden of sans nosy be

A lot of work has been done on scented candles, so much work that we do not dare to light them. Above an example of carved candles.

Where is the Jardin des sans?

garden of sans nosy be

Go to the Jardin des Sens and let yourself be guided by the health and beauty products born from Malagasy plant wealth and know-how. Fair trade, organic and beautiful products at the service of sustainable development and authenticity!

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