10 reasons to go to Nosy Be

Nosy Be from the sky

You wonder if Nosy Be is worth it. What's the best to offer compared to other paradise islands? Why it rather than another region of Madagascar? Well, the answer is simple: because it's a complete destination. To support our thesis, we give you the following 10 reasons, non-exhaustives.

1- For its idyllic beaches and breathtaking scenery


The scenic beauty of its 35 islands and miles of beach shines with crystal-clear waters, pristine white sands, emerald-colored lakes, the sparkling green of tropical vegetation, a real life-size postcard landscape.

Vogue has ranked one of Nosy Be's archipelagos as one of the most beautiful secrets in the world in 2019. In 2014, Nosy Be is in the top 10 most beautiful islands in Africa by Trip Advisor users. So, the first reason to visit Nosy Be is that its reputation as an idyllic destination is not overrated.

2- For its almost perfect climate all year long

2-its almost perfect climate all year round in nosy be

In Nosy Be, the weather conditions will rarely be lacking. You will swim in waters at 26 ° C. The wind never blows too hard, the rains only occur in January and February, without ever lingering the day.

Above all, the island has sun to resell, almost all year long, with an average of 28 ° C, offering a magnificent view of the horizon at sunrise or sunset.

3- Because it's a tourist island, but not too much

snorkeling nosy be

Nosy Be is the favorite destination in Madagascar, rightly for all the reasons we quote you here. But the argument "Nosy Be is too touristy" is too often advanced in a hurry for our taste.

Nosy Be only reaches an annual average of 60,000 tourists. To situate this, it is 450 times less than Bangkok, 248 times less than Paris, 43 times less than Ha Long, and even 17 times less than its neighbor Maurice. So, no matter what type of traveler you are, we are still far from mass tourism in Nosy Be.

4- For the wide choice of accommodation offered by the island

4- For the wide choice of accommodation that offers you the island nosy be

Following this reputation as a tourist town, we tend to believe that everything is more expensive in Nosy Be. Well no, it is the advantage that offers you a wide choice to sleep: hotels on the beach to enjoy the sea, in town to facilitate your trip or in isolated lodges for calm and escape .

All this, no matter whether you are rich as Croesus or if you do not want to crack your wallet, you are spoiled for choice between luxury hotels or more intermediate ranges or simple straw huts. Find what's right for you https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/destination/nosy-be/

5- Because Nosy Be is also a sanctuary of the Malagasy nature

5- Because Nosy Be is also a sanctuary of the Malagasy nature

The fauna and flora of the island constitute one of the natural reservoirs of Madagascar. Sheltered in its islets or via sanctuaries like the Lokobe National Park and its primary forest, you have a glimpse of the natural wealth of Madagascar.

What you can discover among others: many species of lemur including one of the rarest: the Lemur Macao, a rainbow of chameleon in different colors, geckos as fascinating one after another, etc.

6- Because Nosy Be is also a huge aquarium

6- Because Nosy Be is also a huge aquarium

Surrounded by coral reef, Nosy Be is endowed with an unprecedented maritime wealth: a multitude of multicolored fish, sea turtles that come to lay on its warm beaches, seasonal guests such as humpback whales, whale sharks , manta rays, a whole aquatic world to discover.

7- Because the island has a whole range of activity for all tastes

7- Because the island has a whole range of activity for all tastes

Given the richness of its biodiversity, do not expect to just dream at the water's edge in Nosy Be. On land as on the sea, you will move and stay active as recommended by all the doctors of the world, even on holidays.

So choose: hikes and treks in the parks and sites of exceptions; an original discovery of the island on horseback, motorbike, quad or dhow boat; lots of nautical activities like diving, sport fishing, kayaking, etc. In short, a lot of things to do that you can read on https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/villes/nosy-be/

8- Because you will be lulled by the scents of the perfume island

8- Because you will be lulled by the scents of the perfume island

Apart from the smell of sea breeze, Nosy Be is also a paradise for scents. Discover the plantations and distilleries of Ylang-ylang, this yellow flower exploited by Chanel for almost a hundred years.

In this mix of senses, you also have patchouli, lemongrass, vetiver, sugar cane, cocoa, coffee and a bunch of spices. You will quickly understand why Nosy Be is nicknamed the perfume island.

9- To discover the cosmopolitanism of Nossibein culture

9- To discover the cosmopolitanism of Nossibein culture

The interest of Nosy Be also lies in the cosmopolitanism of its population which has generated a melting pot of culture.

In the lot, you have the Malagasy famous for their shyness and their hospitality. Mainly Sakalava ethnicity originally, but a lot mixed since. You can discover their history through historical and cultural sites; their daily life by visiting the isolated villages of the region; and their reality by looking beyond the paradise landscape.

In addition, the Nossibeins, it is also the many residents who settled on the island, coming from all horizons. With their experience of the island, you will meet grumpy, but also the nicest who will tell you their anecdote, their experience and sometimes a good tip on things to discover in Nosy Be. It's up to you to balance things out.

10- For food and nightlife

10- For food and nightlife

This mixture of scents and cultures allows you to find all kinds of addresses to eat in Nosy Be. Eat freshly caught seafood, world food and local specialties such as zebu kebabs or coconut cassava leaves (it does not look like a joke, but it's good, try it). For addresses, it's here https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/restaurants_villes/nosy-be/

For party animals, the various pubs and bars offer the entertainment you are looking for. For those who want to experience the local atmosphere, go to karaoke, Madagascans love it, and wake up the Celine Dion who lies dormant in you.

For all these reasons, you have no more excuses to zap Nosy Be. As a bonusit is an easily accessible destination. Flights at reduced prices and directly on the island if you search well in advance; your non-binding visa, payable on your arrival or online; and as a gift, all our free advice on: https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/guide/nosy-be/

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