THE perfect vacation rental for each profile in Nosy Be

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The expression, to have the embarrassment of choice here takes on a literal meaning. In addition to 44 villas that we presented on MHO for your holiday rental possibilities in Nosy Be, there is still a package that we have not listed. So, you hesitated on which one to choose. Never mind, we made you our selection of the 4 best vacation rental options in Nosy Be.

Home the Residence, luxury at a low price

Pool home the residence at nosy be

Complex of 10 ha which offers you the opportunity of a change of scenery in the luxury of its villas and apartments. In the almost gift package: breathtaking views of the sea, direct access to the beach, spa and massage, dedicated staff, upscale facilities.

The whole? At a given price for this kind of establishment, so to discover, absolutely! To understand our craze, learn more by following this link https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/hotels/home-the-residence/

Chalet Melinda, because authenticity has no price

chalet melinda nosy be

Rustic but set in the beautiful setting of a tropical garden, equipped with all the necessities you will need, irreproachably maintained, with a swimming pool and a TV lounge, added to that of the caring owners, the chalets of the family Captain, his wife Tatiana and their daughter Melinda are rented for a modest sum of 10 Euro per person.

If you are looking for a family atmosphere and a cheap stay, we tell you more about https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/hotels/les-chalets-de-melinda/

Residence Ambalamanga, the right price

hotel ambalamanga ambatoloaka nosy be

Located a little more inland, the value for money small houses Residence Ambalamanga is worth a place in this top. Spacious, beautifully decorated, a team at your disposal, and ... drum roll ... an already full fridge upon arrival.

Nothing is left to chance, everything has been thought to facilitate your autonomy. This will make you forget the lack of sea view, but you will still be close to everything: the beaches of Ambatoloaka and the departure of excursions. The details to read on https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/hotels/hotel-ambalamanga/

Villa Luna, calm at all costs

Villa luna nosy be

If in addition to a well-equipped, clean and secure villa, you are looking for a calm and soothing, it may be Villa Luna.

Located on Dzamandzar, the residence also offers an idyllic location: feet in the water, spectacular views, a large green garden facing the small island of Nosy Tanga, accessible by kayak, swimming or even walking in tide low for a little snorkelling or a walk between the mangroves.

The friendly owners advise you when needed. You will feel at home with friends, in a country atmosphere at the edge of the beach. For more information on Villa Luna to read on https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/hotels/villa-luna/

Still not convinced by our selection? Discover all your other options for holiday rentals in Nosy Be on https://madagascar-hotels-online.com/hotels_nosy_be/location-vacances/

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