Maki Run, a run in Nosy Komba

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Maki run 2017

The MAKI RUN, a race - hiking organized every year in Nosy Komba, for this year 2018 it will take place this month this 23 June

What does the Maki Rrun offer?

Maki run 2017

Nosy Komba is an island without car, without jirama and without road known as a tour passage where we see some lemurs and then go to Nosy Tanikely, and yet, Nosy Komba is an island offering much more than its coast, as for example the mountain of Anketsabe with a 360 ° view!

It is to make discover this other aspect that the operators of Nosy Komba launched MAKI RUN, a race of 18 km with 1 100 m of difference in altitude that passes by the sea to climb to the top of Nosy Komba (622m ) passing through the heart of coffee and vanilla plantations, all offering magnificent views.

Organization of the race

The start will take place from the village of Ampangorina at 9am, a race that is expected to last up to 6 hours in order to be accessible to all. It is a question, before running, to discover and have a good time to many, but a reconpense still waiting for the first ones!
Category Men:
- First prize 300 000 ariary
- second 200 000 ariary
- third 100,000 ariary
Category Woman:
- First prize 300 000 ariary
- second 200 000 ariary
- third 100,000 ariary

In order to be on time for the departure and to take advantage of the free ball which will take place the evening after the race, I invite you to spend a few nights at one of the MAKI RUN sponsors, namely:

- http://www.bungalows-floralies.com/
- http://www.jardinvanille.com/
- http://www.lemakilodge-madagascar.com/
- http://www.tsarakomba.com/
partner-nosy-komba-maki-run- http://www.nosykombaplongee.com/

Price and registration

A modest contribution of Ar50,000 per person is requested in order to pay the expenses, and the profits, if any, will be reinvested in a similar action or for an aid / development project (school in the mountains, tracing of pedestrian trails, cleaning of the village ...) after consultation of the organizing committee.
Registration starts from 01 August:
- At the bar "coloring of nature" at Edmon in Ampangorina
- With Nestor in Anjiabe
- At the Hell Ville Tourist Office

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