Madagascar chocolate

madagascar chocolate

Did you know that Madagascar chocolate is known internationally? Indeed, it is exported abroad because of its superior quality, great masters chocolatiers are crazy, to mention only the Atelier C in Paris, which works only on a basis of cocoa from Madagascar!

What is the unique quality of Mada's chocolate?

madagascar chocolate

We can not talk about Madagascar's chocolate without mentioning Madagascar's cocoa. This is what makes this superior quality as well as the know-how of the chocolatiers of course!

A good chocolate is 80% good cocoa, and then the recipe "Shahin Cassam Chenai"

Back on the history of Cocoa in Madagascar!

It was around 1900 that the first cocoa was introduced in Madagascar, a variety of cocoa called Criollo, cocoa with clear beans, small pods, very warty, purple red or orange, deep furrows, pronounced tip, sometimes crescent-shaped, this Cocoa variety is recognized by being the best in quality, fine, aromatic, sweet, fruity, but also very fragile.

10 to 15 years later (no specific date), the Forastero cocoa trees commonly called "Tamatave" in Madagascar were introduced on the Big Island, its quality is ordinary, but they are more productive and more resistant.

It is the crossing of these two types of cocoa (Criollo and Forastero), one by its fine and aromatic quality and the other by its vigor, its productivity as well as its resistance gave birth to another type of cocoa which is called "Trinitario" (30%).

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Where to find good chocolate?

In Madagascar

In Madagascar there are two known chocolate shops and each of them has its specialty:

The chocolate Robert, which has already won international awards such as the Silver Cup (Paris) Golden Bean in 2015, we can say that this chocolate is the pride of Madagascar as a superior chocolate producer.
It is also diversifying into creating pastries, confectionery, new chocolate recipes in collaboration with a master chocolatier from Paris Christophe Berthelot-Sampic from Atelier C in Paris.
You'll find these chocolates in all local shops & supermarkets, or in their own premises that offer luxury chocolate. And if you are passing through Tana, do not hesitate to go to the production plant, indeed since mid-2016 it is possible to visit, a nice afternoon.


The Menakao chocolate factory, launched recently, in 2012, "Mena" means red like the color of the earth, rich in minerals and sediments deposited by the river Sambiarano, red like the color of the pods which come from the best producers of the Sambirano valley, red like their chocolates as well as the red island: Madagascar. Menakao has also received numerous awards for the exceptional qualities of their chocolates.


And in Nosy be?

To find the Robert chocolates it's simple, just go to the supermarket like Big Bazaar in Darsalam or the Nosy be Market on the road to Hell City, normally in the grocery stores there should be, but local chocolates or otherwise you can order online at Since the Menakao chocolate is new in my opinion created in 2012, we can find some at an organic shop in Hell city called Casa mada, but you can also order on their website

In France

You have several choices of shop offering chocolate from Madagascar, including:

And online shops such as:

Elsewhere in the world

You can also find the chocolates of Madagascar:

In the USA


Do you know that chocolate also has different virtues?

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