Is it still worth investing in Nosy Be?

Work in Nosy Be

An article not really planned, however you are several to contact me on this subject so I give you my opinion on this subject, to you to take different sounds of bell and make yours 😊

Is competition tough?

Until last year I would have said yes, there were more beds than airplanes, so hotels automatically empty. But 2018 saw an unprecedented aerial opening that changes the game.

All in all, this year 2018 is the best year since 2008, no operator is full this year: New aircraft, a younger clientele, more and more couples, and a seaside tourism and discovery that becomes more in addition English speaking thanks to the new airlines.

As I write his lines, according to me: green lights to invest. Just follow the elections history of not reliving a 2008 ..

How much can an accommodation negotiate?

200 000 to more than 2 000 000 €, all prices exist in Nosy Be ... At first, make the difference on two things:

  1. The goodwill: The location, the clientele, the equipment - real estate, the maintenance, the staff
  2. The walls & the land: The right to the lease (beware of the emphyteutic lease expiring and / or false owners)

Tell you if the price is correct or not, I can not calculate the price, it's not my job ... I invite you to read this full article on the subject to know more. On the other hand, apart from NosyBe-Island, I am a communication agency. I can help you in developing your strategy.

What is the average salary in Madagascar?

The smic is 155,000 Ar this year 2018. official source. However this amount is to be taken with "tweezers". Indeed this amount does not allow you to live decently, just pay rent. So if you want a concentrated employee who does not have a second job next, you will have to motivate him. Especially since anglophone tourists are more numerous, it is a quality that is paid.

Another point is different compared to France (Nosy Be at least, Tana no worries),  motivation. The fact of giving a good salary / an increase does not always have the effect that one expects. On the contrary, we are "wallet vazahas". So more than the increases I prefer premiums, which, in the case of "crobes" avoid unnecessary annoyances. For another idea of what I know:

  1. Server: 180,000 to 300,000 Ar
  2. Barman: 250,000 to 500,000 Ar
  3. Cook: 200,000 to 400,000 Ar
  4. Receptionist: 200,000 to 500,000 Ar

Chef - Booking Manager - Director: No standard reel, it totally depends on your category - size

Do you find staff easily?

It's a concern: training.
We had a training center in Nosy Be, taken over by the INTH but no news for 2 years, I write them, no answer and more release of promo I guess ...

You have 4 solutions:

  1. You're lucky, the team in place is good: keep it!
  2. You arrive, you are motivated, you take the time to train yourself your team
  3. Get qualified staff from other hotels (not cool)
  4. Find staff on Tana and bring them

If for the majority of positions you can find / debaucher / train on the spot, for the positions of responsibility & demanding certain capacities (cooking / English / software), you will probably have to go to Tana if you want security

What is the average price of rooms?

It all depends on the investment, real estate, salary, competition & fill rate wanted. Thus a tariff to be calculated on a case by case basis to make your establishment profitable as quickly as possible. Which is largely my job, contact me to discuss it.

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