View from mont passot to nosy be

Mont Passot is the place I recommend to visit the day of your arrival. Why ? The panoramic 360 ° view will immediately show you that the island, unlike what you can read on the web, is green and uninhabited casi if you go out of Ambatoloaka - madirokely 🙂

What does Mont Passot offer?

Mont Passot is one of the most visited places in Nosy Be with more than 1500 visitors per month. Measuring 329 m above sea level, the hill offers a 360 ° panoramic view thanks to its suspended terrace as well as its panoramic terrace one can appreciate a splendid sunset on the island.

Mont Passot is a site described as exceptional not only by its beauty but also by its biodiversity, surrounded by 8 beautiful small crater lakes that the Malagasy would call sacred, they are home to fishes unique in their genera, endemic to Madagascar. are very particular (Paratilapia and Ptychochromis) even scientists would find pleasure by visiting the site.

What hikes in Mont Passot?

View from mont passot to nosy be

For hikers the site also offers walking tours with or without a guide:

Antsamanavaka: (circuit of 4km of 2h30 of visit) for the observation of the lakes, crocodiles in sunbathing, medicinal plants, forest of tèch, waterfall, zone of community reforestation, ...
Antsidihy: (5km circuit, 3 to 4 hours walk) for birdwatching, Sakalava village tour, ylang ylang plantation, artisanal distillation of ylang oils, suspension bridge, crocodile, ...
Amparihibe: (6km circuit, 4 to 5 hours of visit) to see orchids, sakalava remains, perfume plants such as vanilla, ylang ylang, ...

Can you eat at Mont Passot?

I have not had the opportunity to try it yet but a panoramic view restaurant is available at the Mount Passot jute next to the parking lot, taker back if you tried 😉

What are the fees to visit Mont Passot?

View from mont passot to nosy be

Arrive 10,000 Ar / adult to access the panoramic view, Ar 2,000 for residents, Ar 500 for children <12 years.

Do you want to go for a hike? It will be necessary to pay in addition the guide, 10 000 ar for 1-2 people and 5 000 Ar for each additional person

History of Mont Passot

View from mont passot to nosy be

If one places Mount Passot in history, this site of panoramic view which was formerly a volcano owes indeed its name to the captain Pierre Passot of the French marine artillery army. Indeed Captain Passot christened the chief towns of Nosy Be "Hell Ville" after the name of his superior, Anne Chrétien Louis de Hell, Governor of Bourbons, because at that time Nosy Be was under the protection of the French.

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