Charming hotels in Nosy Be (Madagascar)

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Ambondrona, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Beachfront & sea views
Ideal for anyone who wants to be close to everything, enjoy the services of a hotel ** while avoiding the crowds of certain areas of the island. With as a bonus the edge of the beach
Starting at 65 €

BP 316, Ambaro, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

A stay under the sign of relaxation
Bungalows feet in the water in a cozy setting for a typically exotic stay!
Starting at 60 €

Route du cratère, Ambatoloaka, 207 Nosy Be - Madagascar

Hotel on the heights of Ambatoloaka
More than a good plan, an essential table of Nosy Be during the period where the starred chef, Benoit Bernard, held it. Now back in France, the table becomes a restaurant more "standard" however the frame is still pleasant.
Starting at 42 €

Nosy Komba Antrema, 207 Anjiabe - Madagascar

Domaine de Tahina is located in Anjiabe on the island Nosy Komba located 3km from Ankify Port on the ...

Hotel, Bungalow in Madirokely, Nosy Be, Madagascar - Madagascar

The Hotel la Caravelle is a mix between luxury and the traditional Malagasy hut. It has 7 bungalows, a ...

Ampasikely-Dzamandzar, Nosy Be - Madagascar

Arc En Ciel est un hôtel de charme se trouvant en bord de mer, avec vue magnifique, dans un endroit...
Starting from 80 €

Ampasindava Nosy Sakatia Beach Danae, 207, Nosy be - Madagascar

Danae Beach is located by the sea on Nosy Sakatia, a small island located on the east coast of Nosy ...
Starting at 65 €

Nosy be - Madagascar

Providence - a small family hotel located in a tropical garden near Hell Ville in Nosy be The hotel ...

Mahita Tsara, Belle-Vue, Cocotiers, 207 - Madagascar

Suites with panoramic views of the West coast of Nosy Be
Mahita Tsara makes you discover 180 ° of landscapes land & sea in comfortable apartments with kitchen
Starting at 56 €

Albert 1er Camp Green Camp - Madagascar

Located in the heart of Hell city, close to the main tourist attractions (Market Hall, Port, Court of Hell ...) and the center ...

Madirokely Beach - Madagascar

Located on the beach of Madirokely, 13 comfortable rooms, air-conditioned and ventilated, safe, mini-bar, wifi, TV sat, toilet and ...
Starting from 50 €

Ambatoloaka, 207, Nosy Be - Madagascar

The Etoile Blanche is located on the beach in Ambatoloaka, the most famous bay of Nosy Be, as well as ...
Starting at 60 €

Andilana - Madagascar

GRAND BLEU is located north of Nosy-Be in the Andilana sector. The restaurant overlooks the 15 comfort bungalows, ...
Starting from 100 €

Nosy be - Madagascar

Tropic Hotel (formerly Another World) is a Hotel Restaurant in Nosy Be of 9 rooms Nosy Be. The bungalows, ...

BP 151, Hellville - Madagascar

Our hotel is the ideal starting point to discover the charms of Nosy-Bé, the Malagasy sweetness of life and ...
Starting at 26 €

Learn more about charming hotels in Nosy Be

Are you one of those planning your holiday in Nosy Be a year in advance or those doing it at the last minute? In any case, you want your stay to be as successful as possible, without exceeding your budget. Especially when it comes to choosing accommodation: hotel, bed and breakfast, vacation rental or Eco-Lodge, what to choose?

Can we trust the number of stars of a hotel in Nosy Be?

Absolutely not! The standards are not the same, and especially the controls. Madagascar is the land of baksheesh, everything can be bought.

The concrete example is the Ibis Antananarivo. Ibis is known to be a 2-star brand throughout the world. And in Madagascar, Ibis is a 3-star!

I can only advise you to look at the photos on the hotels' websites and the customer reviews on Tripadivsor. And about Nosy Be, this blog!

How are the rooms?

In Nosy Be, you can find 4 categories of hotel rooms:

  • Double room as you find it all over the world.
  • Double bungalow, with the same principle as the rooms.
  • Suite: The deluxe version of the rooms. There are very few of them in Nosy Be.
  • Family Room: up to 6 people depending on the location

Each room may (or may not) be equipped with a minibar and a safe, a toilet and separate shower.

How are the hotels in town or by the sea?

There is only one city in Nosy Be. I usually call it "the capital", it is called Hell-Ville. As for the hotel, nothing very terrible, I only recommend the youth hostel in Hell-ville. Indeed, the price-quality ratio of hotels is not good at all!

For good hotels, it is better to choose those by the sea. You'd have to travel a little bit if you want to go to the city, but it's worth it and there's a choice.

Prices vary according to the comfort and services offered by each establishment.

How is the restoration in hotels?

Some hotels in Nosy Be have a restaurant, which is convenient for some but I still invite you to discover other restaurants on Nosy Be because there are good surprises to discover!

Should you choose activities with hotels?

As I know, no hotel organizes its own activities, they all go through service providers. If guest houses really want your activities to be successful, this is not always the case for hotels, which often negotiate commissions. So it is the highest bidder who is chosen and not the best.

How to choose your activities then?

On this site once again! You will find here the direct contacts on the pages of the providers, which are in my opinion, are the best in their field on Nosy Be

Is it necessary to book in advance?

Nosy Be remains the most popular destination in Madagascar, I advise you to book in advance as far as possible if you do not want to be disappointed. From August to October, it is the high season, plan to book 2-3 months in advance!

Why book via Live Madagascar?

0% commission + direct contact with the service provider + best guaranteed rate

I see you coming, it's a big promotion and a scam, right?

In fact it's simple, Live Madagascar is not a booking site that takes commissions (like for example) or a travel agency. This page was initially a simple blog on Nosy Be with tips I wanted to share because I have been living in Madagascar since 2006. Today, he has become a complete guide on the big island, but it remains a site I don't live on financially!

But why this website then?

  • Provide information because Madagascar remains too "mysterious" for some people on how to get there or how to get around, what to do, what to discover etc.
  • Show you my results live. If you are reading these lines, you should have noticed that I am often 1st on the various google searches with a nice emphasis. It's part of my job. Thus if you are a professional and you need a website or an improvement of your visibility in general, please let me know!