Top 9 Activities in Nosy Be

Top 9 activities nosy be

If you think there is only beach and coconut trees in Nosy Be, think again! It's amazing how a small island can alone make you travel so much to do and discover. We give you a little overview of our selections.

1- A new look at Nosy Be on Mount Passot

View from mont passot to nosy be

We start with the most popular because if it's popular, it's because there's a reason. Discover the highest point of the island of Nosy Be, at 329m, for a breathtaking 360 ° view of the whole region. Gaze at the volcanic landscape and its fabulous series of blue crater lake that has been said to contain crocodiles and home to the spirit of princes Sakalava and Antakarana.

For your little info, there are many forbidden (fady, it's a definite word to learn during your visit to Mada) on the shores of these lakes considered sacred: fishing, smoking, wearing a hat or pants or any other clothing to put from the foot.

View from mont passot to nosy be

The site has benefited from a makeover in recent years: access by road and viewpoint have been improved; rehabilitation of a new observation platform, a welcome center and a souvenir shop; hiking trails for all levels to explore its 300ha of dense forest.

2- The land-sea combo: Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely

Gite akiba nosy komba

Petite virée d’une journée pour découvrir les merveilles du Sud Ouest de Nosy Be. On vous conseille un départ matinal pour pouvoir s’abriter et déjeuner tranquillement au soleil tapant de midi.

First direction, Nosy Komba to discover the 2th largest island of the archipelagos of Nosy Be. Uninhabited until 1970, the island was soon known for the lemurs it houses. This is the ideal place for a lemur-on-the-shoulder experience at Ampangorinana's Lemur Park.

Au menu découverte, vous avez entre autres : dance tribale, masque de beauté locale, marché de nattes et sculptures en bois (renommée de l’île). Si vous avez le temps et l’énergie, il est possible de faire une petite randonnée pour découvrir le superbe paysage de l’île. On vous en parle ici

Nosy Tanikely

And hop ! At the boarding to join Nosy Tanikely, a marine reserve that fascinates by its beauty and its riches. The site is a paradise for divers of all levels! If you have never put your head under water, this is the place to start.

Dans une eau presque translucide : corail, étoiles de mer, anémones, des poissons de toutes les couleurs et de toutes les formes, tortues de mer et langoustes. Le seul danger qui vous guète est de perdre la notion du temps, captivé par ce monde marin.  

Snorkeling at Nosy Tanikely

When you get out of your bubble, go for a ride on the mainland. Nosy Tanikely is also an encounter with lemurs, flying foxes (bat), all kinds of birds, and finish at the top of the island to the lighthouse for a magnificent view. To find out more about Nosy Tanikely, click here

3- Discover the nature of Lokobe National Park

Lokobe park nosy be

En plus de ses plages de carte postales, Nosy Be vous offre la possibilité de découvrir un sanctuaire de la fameuse faune et flore malgache.

From the fishing village of Ambatozavavy, south of the island, board a traditional dugout canoe along the mangrove to reach Lokobe. This is the last primary forest of Nosy Be, which you can browse through 3 circuits guided hiking, duration and level of your choice. A pirogue ride is also an option.

There are 3 lemurs, including black lemur and Hawk's lemur, endemic to the reserve. Among others, countless birds, reptiles, amphibians, palms, some of which are observable only in the park.

Next to Lokobe, take the opportunity to visit the village of Marodoka and its women's association for a cultural experience on the history of Nosy Be, local traditions, songs, dances and cuisine.

4- Novices, Pros or in between? Immerse yourself in the immense aquarium Nosy Be

Diving in nosy be

Nosy Be, c’est aussi un sanctuaire de la nature marine malgache : un des meilleurs au monde avec pas moins de 20 spots de plongée pour tous les niveaux.

The idea of diving around the coast of the main island of Nosy Be is not so good. On the other hand, if the Andilana part remains reasonable, the most known and interesting spots are the small archipelagos around. Nosy Tanikely is one of the best known, as is the little Nosy Fanihy. Nosy Sakatia and Nosy Komba are the classics. You can even choose your accommodation based.

Diving in Nosy Be

Pour les plus enthousiastes, n’hésitez pas à vous diriger vers les îlots un peu plus éloignés. Nosy Tsarabanjina est excellent. Les îles Radama et Mitsio sont tout à fait exceptionnels que ce soit pour le snorkelling ou la plongée en bouteille. Les détails sont ici

You never did, do you say? But you want to try the experiment? Well, this is the perfect place for your baptism. We told you about Nosy Tanikely a little higher. But apart from that, it's also finding the right dive center to accompany you that matters. Well, in Nosy Be, there are some. Read more here, we treated the subject in the background.

5- Discover the Domaine de Florette, straddling nature, culture and history

area of florette nosy be

Petit trésor caché au cœur de Nosy Be, le Domaine de Florette est composé d’une forêt secondaire de 30 ha pour une petite évasion hors de vos sandales et serviette de plage. Au programme ? Les guides vous font découvrir pour 1 à 2 heures de marche la flore et faune du domaine, mais aussi les contes et légendes de Nosy Be.

If the season lends itself, you can participate in the harvest of mountain rice, pepper, pink berries and ylang ylang flowers. With the addition of visiting a distillery to discover the traditional production of essential oil. Ylang, spices, essential oil ... one would think that the Domaine de Florette gave Nosy Be its perfume island name. Your visit ends at the small museum on the culture of Nosy Be and the Sakalava people, or a Malagasy dinner / lunch with Creole influences.

Horseback riding in Nosy Be

An original way to discover the area is also on horseback. Yes, an equestrian ride is quite possible for a unique experience and another look at the Domaine and Nosy Be.

6- Escape to paradise ... almost it's Nosy Iranja

Beach and coconut tree in Nosy Iranja

VOGUE lui-même a classé Nosy Iranja en Février 2019 comme une des plus belles îles secrètes du monde. On n’a quand même pas besoin d’en dire plus pour vous convaincre !

If you want to see for yourself, Nosy Iranja is located about 50 km southwest of Nosy Be. It is a pair of small islands, connected by 1.25 kilometers of sand at low tide. In real life size postcard, the landscape is composed of a turquoise and transparent sea, against a background of white sand, guarded by an old lighthouse designed by Mr Gustave Eiffel himself.

nosy iranja
Sunset in Nosy Iranja

You can make a daily excursion from 8h to 15h30 from Nosy Be. But for a complete escape of time in this little piece of paradise, you can sleep there one night in bivouac. We give you the details here

7- Between history and culture: the sacred tree and the CNRO museum

Sacred tree nosy be

Discover the history of Nosy Be by visiting its sacred trees. There are three on the island, but the largest and most famous is Mahatsinjo, 2.5 km south of Hell-city. Discover why a millennial Banyan, a tree known to the Hindoos as sacred, has become a place of worship and prayer for the Sakalava. Unique stories and customs that you can see here

CNRO museum nosy be

On n’oublie pas le musée océanographique CNRO, situé à Sarodravay Marodoka, à l’Est de l’île. Un voyage à travers l’évolution des espèces  avec ses quelque 594 espèces marines du nord-ouest malgache.

You'll see corals, fish, octopus and many more in formalin jars, a sperm whale skeleton, a whale rib, historical treasures like the Sarimanok boat model, etc. Do not miss the library with an incredible collection, one of the most provided of East Africa.

8- Live in true nossibein through the moraingy

Moringue nosy be

Pour une ambiance typique de l’île, rendez-vous à Dzamandzar les dimanches vers 16h. Sur fond de musique malgache, de danse et de cris, dans un parking aménagé, mêlez-vous à la foule et découvrez le moraingy.

A traditional martial art that mixes capoeira, wrestling and boxing, the moraingy is practiced with bare hands. Beyond the combat aspect, it is above all a struggle for self-development, solidarity, friendship and a treasure of the Malagasy tradition.

Used by the royal guards of yesteryear, the moraingy was organized on the occasion of customary ceremonies (burials, circumcisions, births). Today, it is revived by young people and becomes a popular animation. Almost extinct in the highlands, Nosy Be is almost the only place in Madagascar where you will have the opportunity to meet these Malagasy gladiators. To find out more, here it is

9- Follow the seasons in Nosy Be with humpback whales and whale sharks

Safari whale in Nosy Be

Si maintenant vous savez qu’il y a toujours à faire à Nosy Be, l’île vous offre encore des attractions de saisons. En effet, à des moments précis dans l’année, Nosy Be accueille des invités de marque.  

Whale fields

Between August and September, the bays of the island welcome humpback whales after their journey on the east coast of Madagascar. This is an opportunity for you to go on a whale safari to see these giants of the seas, which are all the more demonstrative to sing and hop under your lens. We talk about it in more detail on this link

Whale shark nosy komba

Then comes October. When humpback whales leave the bay, place for whale sharks, the largest fish in the world. These gentle giants illuminate the banks of Nosy Be with their starry skin. You have until mid-December to swim with him, not to mention other dolphins, Manta rays if you're lucky, sea turtles, etc. We tell you a little more about this nice shark on

You still doubt that Nosy Be is a complete destination? Well, there is still a package! So why was it only 9? Because it's the symbol of the ideal (and many other things) in the spiritual blob, and because you do not have the right to miss any of those. The rest: discovery of Hell-city, walk to the waterfall, stand-up-paddle, glass bottom boat, fishing, subwing, not to mention festivals and other cultural events ... are to discover on

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