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Whether you are planning a vacation in Nosy Be a year in advance or at the last minute, we are all looking for the ticket at the best price, for this I invite you to use the price comparison above which will propose you the best price of the moment, knowing that in a general way, the more you go ahead, the more you will find the best price.

Why Sky Skanner?

With over 40-50 flight comparators, hard to make a choice ... so why Sky Skanner? Simply because it is a flight comparator centralizer. It probably includes the one you already use, below the list of other comparators that it includes:

compare cheap flights nosy be

The price of the flight that appears is not the same once clicked!

Everyone makes the remark, so small explanation.

The flight comparators (not just Sky Skanner) are looking for the price of the flight given by the airline, then they will redirect you to travel agencies / companies (such as Opodo, Go Travel, Edreams etc.).

This company must live well, so it will apply its rates of payment fees, insurance, etc., which explains the difference between the two rates of the flight displayed.

How many companies serve Nosy Be?

Nosy Be is the tourist showcase of Madagascar. Since 2016, the state shows a will of development with the opening of the sky, we have today 15 companies pouring Nosy Be & Madagascar.

cheap flights to nosy be madagascar

I do not know you but 15 companies, it starts to do, between direct flights and stops, we get lost. We offer here a summary of all possibilities to reach Nosy Be in 1-2 stops maximum. We could have done in 3-4 stops but the article would not finish.

Flights France - Nosy Be

No direct flights possible, you must make a stopover either Antananarivo (capital of Madagascar) or St Denis (Reunion Island). For companies, you will either travel with Air Madagascar, either with Air Austral.

Overall, count 18 hours + 40 minutes flight time Paris - Nosy be by making a stopover in Reunion Saint-Denis or Tana for a budget of 1900 Euros.

Paris - St Denis - Nosy Be

  1. The simplest, 100% Via Air Austral
  2. Otherwise, you also have several companies that make Paris - St Denis, you will have to take Air Austral for St - Denis / Nosy Be
    1. Air France
    2. Air Madagascar
    3. Air Austral

Marseille - St Denis - Nosy Be

Count 2 days too, stop Saint Denis lasts half a day and departure is 12h from Saint Denis and you arrive in the morning to 12h or 13h in Nosy be due to the time difference between Reunion and Nosy be. From Marseille to St Denis, you can go through:

  1. Air Madagascar
  3. Air Austral
  4. Air France

Paris - Tana - Nosy Be:

Here you have two solutions: 100% Air Madagascar or Mixe Air Madagascar with Air Austral or Air France. Make sure to take a little time between flights, Air Madagascar sometimes leaves early or late and planes will not expect between them.

  1. Air Austral
  2. Air France
  3. Corsair Fly, one flight a week
  4. Air Madagascar. If you decide to take Air Madagascar, do not forget to take advantage of the promotions we offer you. let's talk here

Mauritius to Nosy Be flights

From Mauritius, you can fly directly to Nosy Be with Air Madagascar.

By cons with Air Mauritus, there is no direct flight from Mauritius to Nosy be. You will have to go through the capital and then take a connection to Nosy Be:

  1. Air Mauritius
  2. Air Madagascar

Or via the meeting

  • Air Mauritius
  • Air Austral

So, count 03 hours of flight with stops for a budget of 600 Euros.

Mayotte to Nosy Be flights

From Mayotte in the city of Dzaoudzi, you will fly with Ewa Air, a Mahorais company born of the synergy of 3 partners including the group Air Austral.

Count 01 flight hours for a budget of 280 Euros.

Flight Italy - Nosy Be

Several companies pour Nosy Be live:

  1. Neos air :
  2. Air Austral
  3. Meridiana

For a flight duration of 17 hours including stops, your budget will be 900 Euros, but it depends on the companies you will take.

Via Antananarivo

  1. Air Mauritus 
  2. Air Seychelles
  3. Alitalia

Count 14 hours of flight with stops for a budget of 1400 Euros.

Johannesburg to Nosy Be flights

Thanks to the company Airlink and South African Airways your direct flight to Nosy be is assured, but you can also take the airline Air Mauritus which proposes by against a flight Johannesburg - Antananarivo, you will then have to take a domestic flight with Air Madagascar.

  1. With Airlink :
  2. Via Air Mauritus
  3. South African Airways

Count 05 hours per flight with stopovers

Flight Kenya (Nairobi) - Nosy Be

No direct flights, only one airline offers flights to Antananarivo, Kenya Airways

Overall, count 04 hours of flights with stops for a budget of 650 Euros

Flight Asia - Nosy Be

No direct flight but with stopover at the meeting or Antananarivo. All done via a departure from Guangzhou airport

Via THE ISLAND OF THE REUNION, you can do this flight with

  • Air Austral


  • Air Mauritus
  • Keny Airway
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Air Madagascar

Overall, count 13 hours non-stop flight, but with a stopover of 1 day you can count 21 hours of flight for a budget of 1 300 Euros.

Flights from Tanzania, Mozambique, Greater Comoros, Anjouan

Two solutions are available to you, each time it is the same company that makes the two flights.

  1. Stopover via MAYOTTE with EWA
  2. Stopover via ANTANANARIVO with Air Madagacar

Count 08h of flights, flight for a budget of 700 Euros

Istanbul - Nosy Be

No direct flight, but Turkish Airlines offers a flight from Istanbul airport to Antananarivo, you have to take a domestic flight with Air Madagascar

In all, count 13 hours of flights, for a budget of 2500 Euros

How much to plan for a plane ticket to Nosy Be?

The cheapest flights are from Reunion Island with a fare from 290 € in low season.

By doing this in advance and by searching, you can find flights from France in 500 €

Which company I advise?

I do not advise any in particular, however I de-council two:

  1. Air Madagascar: If you have other flights to take, take the margin, they often have worries schedules!
  2. Air France, personally I have never had a trip without a worry so I do not take any more for several years.
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