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cheap flights to nosy be madagascar

By typing "flight for Madagascar" on Google, you will come across some 15 million results and as many travel sites that promise you the best price. Not easy to navigate is not it? That's why we give you some tips to help you prepare for your next landing on the island.

The airports of Madagascar

Like all its infrastructures, the Malagasy air network is generally centralized towards the capital Antananarivo, at Ivato International Airport. The other main airports of the island are:

  • Ambalamasy airport of Toamasina, the port city to the east;
  • Tulear airport, capital of the great south at the end of the famous RN7;
  • Sainte-Marie Airport, the island of whales in the East;
  • Nosy Be Fascene International Airport, the island of perfumes and postcard beaches in the North West;
  • Majunga Airport (Mahajanga), the city of flowers in the North West;
  • Fort Dauphin Airport, the gateway between desert and forest at the South East tip;
  • Antsiranana Airport (Arrachart), the cosmopolitan city at the northern tip;
  • Morondava Airport, the city of baobabs in the West;
  • Maroantsetra Airport, the town of Masoala in the North East;
  • Sambava Airport, the city of vanilla in the North East.

The Malagasy air network is perhaps the only thing that is not Moramora (quiet tranquil) in Madagascar. To go from one region to another, one must necessarily go through the capital.

 That is to say, to go from Morondava to Diego for example, one must make Morondava - Antananarivo, then Antananarivo - Diego. As explained above, about 260 Euro is still a fairly expensive domestic flight paid for one way and you will pay roughly double to join two different regions.

Same, international flights are almost all centralized in the capital. Hence the importance of a well prepared itinerary as explained previously. Finding the right combo intercontinental flight plus domestic flight, for example to reach Antananarivo, but departure from Nosy Be, we save a few cents.

Nevertheless, Madagascar becoming a destination increasingly popular (while remaining modest, because far from mass tourism if we compare it to its neighbors in the Indian Ocean), the Malagasy sky opens gradually to the international.

How many companies serve Madagascar?

To date, there are about 15 airlines that crisscross the Malagasy sky. A little rock n roll to find it so! Here are some that maybe you already know:

flights France - Madagascar

Flights paris - Madagascar

We can come to Madagascar almost every day. From Roissy, you have two possibilities of direct flight via Air France or Air Madagascar. For the first, it's 4 times a week and with the Malagasy company, it's 4 to 6 times a week depending on the season.

From Marseille, Air Madagascar offers a direct flight once a week and 4 flights a week via Roissy for Air France. Companies like Kenya Airways, Turkish Airline and Ethiopian Airlines also regularly fly with a stopover linking the Hexagon to the Big Island.

Counting about 11 to 19 hours of flight depending on the stops and the company for a price that varies from 642 Euro, see even 480 times if you come across promotional rates, more than 2,000 Euro for some, depending on the season and the company.

PS: If we choose Air Madagascar, we avoid as much as possible to put our intercontinental flight on the same day as a domestic flight and we try to air its program during and after the stay to compensate for any unforeseen. We say that, we say nothing!

Nairobi to Madagascar flights

Flights nairobi - Madagascar

Kenya connects Madagascar to Africa with a scheduled flight 6 times a week via Kenya Airways. For around 3 hours, the ticket will cost between 310 and 600 Euro.

flights Addis Ababa - Madagascar

Addis adeba flights - Madagascar

With Ethiopian Airlines, we fly to the Malagasy capital 6-7 times a week depending on the season. We can also go directly to Nosy Be, without going through Antananarivo, 3 times a week. For 5 hours of flights, you will pay between 340 and 500 Euro.

flights Istanbul - Madagascar

Flights istambul - Madagascar

Turskish Airlines connects the country whirling dervish Antananarivo 5 times a week, with a small stopover in Mauritius. For about 750 to 1,200 Euro depending on the season, the journey will last 12 to 13 hours.

Flights Réunion - Madagascar

Reunion flights - Madagascar

The advantage with this link is that besides the capital, you can go directly to other provinces of Madagascar like Tamatave, Tulear, Fort Dauphin, Nosy Be and Sainte-Marie. 4 airlines connect the Red Island to Reunion.

Air Austral schedules daily flights departing from Saint-Denis. With Air Madagascar and Air Mauritius, it's twice a week. The second Malagasy airline Madagasikara Airways also offers every Friday, a flight from Pierrefonds through Sainte-Marie. Count around 320 to 630 Euro round trip for about 2 hours flight or 3h30 if a stopover is planned.

Flights Comoros - Madagascar

Flights comore - Madagascar

From Moroni, you can reach Madagascar via Air Madagascar in direct flight of one hour, once a week; or with a stopover in Mayotte for 3 hours, twice a week. It can also be directly linked to Nosy Be from Moroni with Ethiopian Airlines. Prices are around 250 to 500 Euro depending on the company and the season.

Flights Mayotte - Madagascar

Flights mayotte - Madagascar

Always with Air Madagascar, leave Dzaoudzi for Antananarivo by a direct flight 3 times a week for 1:15 in the air; Or stopover in Moroni once a week for 3 hours of flight. With Ewa Air, you can fly directly to Majunga or Diego with a budget between 350 and 550 Euro.

Flights Mauritius - Madagascar

Mauritius Flights - Madagascar

From Port Louis, Antananarivo is 2 hours direct flight. Either via Air Mauritius which schedules daily departures, or via Air Madagascar for a biweekly flight, sometimes with stopovers at Tamatave or Fort Dauphin. The trip is also provided by Turquish Airlines 3 times a week as mentioned before. The prices displayed oscillate between 289 to 450 euro.

Flights Johannesburg - Madagascar

Flights johannesburg - Madagascar

Daily flight provided by South African Airlines with a price of approximately 580 Euro for 3h30 flight. Also, Air Madagascar will soon open the line for 2 flights a week with optimized connections to Nosy Be, Tulear and Fort Dauphin.
The South African airline Airlink also connects Johannesburg to Nosy Be directly every Wednesday and Sunday for a price ranging between 300 and 450 Euro for a flight from 3:30 to 4:30.

Flights Canton - Madagascar

Canton flights - Madagascar

Air Madagascar opens to Asia by serving China twice a week via a flight connecting the Red Island to Guangzhou, with a stopover in Saint-Denis. Plan a journey of about 13 hours for a price between 950 and 1100 Euro.

Flights Italy - Madagascar

Flights Italy - Madagascar
The country of pizza is connected to the vanilla island via the Italian company Neos Air. It serves Nosy Be directly from Milan and Rome for tickets ranging from 830 to 1.020 Euro.

4- Know where you come from to know where to go!

If you have not recognized yourself in the countries that have just been flown over, all you have to do is find the best combination to join them. Pay attention to the number of stops that could possibly lower the price, but easily double the journey time.

So, to choose, take into account the number of hours of layover that you are willing to support, the budget you are willing to pay, depending on where you come from. For exemple :

If you come from other European countries

Let's say for example Netherlands or the Belgium, reaching Paris or Istanbul may be your best option to continue on Madagascar.

If you come from theGermany, Ethiopian Airlines organizes a direct link Frankfurt Addis Ababa.

If you come from BritainKenya Airways may be of interest to you as it offers a daily direct link from London to Nairobi to finally reach Mada.

If you come from Africa

The best strategy would be to reach Johannesburg, Nairobi or Addis Ababa for a connection to Madagascar via the companies mentioned above.

If you come from countries on the other side of the Malagasy land

At least two days of travel, a stopover, usually two, and a fairly large budget are expected.

Coming from countries further away from the island like the Canada where the United States, your best option would be for example to join Paris via Air France in order to benefit from a discount for the combination of the two long-haul flights. Otherwise, the American company Delta Airline can make you cross the Atlantic and offers a non-negligible profitability.

If you come from theAustralia, one possibility is to join Melbourne for a direct flight to Mauritius and from there to Mada.

If you come from JapanAir France via Paris or South African airlines via Johannesburg may be your best option.

This is basically all you need to know to find your flight to Madagascar. Many other connections and combinations are possible thanks to the different partnerships between these companies and these cities. In general, and looking good, the more you prepare in advance, the more likely you are to get the best route at the best price.

Then, you will quickly be rewarded by the natural and cultural wealth of the island, to discover on So, run fast and get your tickets, and take off!

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