Or eat at Christmas and / or New Year in Nosy Be?

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noel nosy be

If you have the chance to spend Christmas in Nosy Be, where to spend Christmas Eve is a question you probably have to ask yourself! An important choice, below are some good restaurants where to celebrate Christmas and / or New Year's Day.


Or eat at Christmas and / or New Year in Nosy Be?

Jazzy Beach Restaurant

terrace jazzy beach nosy be

The beachside Jazzy Beach hosts an evening for the New Year: musical atmosphere, keyboard and songs of the boss Tiana. The evening starts at 20:00 to finish around 02:00 in the morning. CAUTION: Maximum number covered 30, remember to book! 😊

Price 70000 Ar, and 20000 Ar children up to 12 years

Restaurant Chez nono in Andilana

Restaurant at nono nosy be

Restaurant located north of Nosy Be not far from Andilana beach. Also known as "The Rice Rum", a must-see table when you visit the island, it's not the # 1 restaurant of Tripadvisor for nothing.
- Noel: A group will provide the atmosphere
- New Year: Nothing planned

Baobab Restaurant at Ambatoloaka

ambatoloaka baobab restaurant

Restaurant located in the heart of Ambatoloaka, known for its creative and hearty cuisine, all with efficient and pleasant service, the address not to be missed in Ambatoloaka 😊
- Noel: No notable event (😢), but the table remains terrible 😊
- New Year: Same as Christmas

  • Book your table: 032 89 620 39

At Saka'Do

youth hostel saka'do nosy be

In itself Saka'Do is not a restaurant but a youth hostel just opened this month of December, so it's also the opening party that is preparing with a typical atmosphere "Spanish inn"

- Noel: no table to reserve, everyone brings something (to drink and to eat)
- New year: no table to reserve, each brings something (to drink and to eat)

At Batumock

hotel sarimanoka nosy be

Batumoch, the Sarimanoka hotel's restaurant located at the entrance to Ambatoloaka, high terrace with beachside pool.
- Christmas: Special Menu
- New Year: Special Menu and Musical Animation

Nofy Be

nofybe cruise

Nothing to do with Nosy Be! Direction Belo-sur-mer (southwest coast of Madagascar not far from Tulear) with NosyBe which offers:

- Christmas: departure from Morondava on the 23rd return on the 26th / 12th, 4 days authentic on the Nofy Be 😎
- New year: nothing planned

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