Getting to Nosy Be by road, possible or not?

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A question that comes up often and we do not find the answer on the net. The first time I had to come, I ended up in Tana asking the cabs how to do it, not the best solution if you want to prepare your trip properly!

The trip Tana - Nosy Be is of course possible and very pleasant to do, the road is not the most beautiful in the world but is still good, even if some repairs would not hurt. Very nice views for a journey of a little less than 24 hours to get to nosy be. In concrete terms, you can do this route in two different ways:


Getting to Nosy Be by road, possible or not?

Tana-Nosy Be ride in bush taxi

You have left for more than 18 hours. Departure from Ambodivona, the bus station that leaves for Tamatave (50000 to 60000 ariary per person, meal not included). Choose your company Personally I choose a bush taxi according to the tire quality ! To die in the middle of nowhere in Madagascar is not very pleasant ...

The departure is at the beginning of the afternoon around 13h - 14h, take a good lunch because the next stop will be around 21h - 22h! Luckily, you are entitled to a conscientious driver who pauses every 2 hours.

Meal break in a restaurant on the road, you will have a choice, after if you are not used to Madagascar, simply avoid the crudités, apart from that feast! Otherwise, I advise you to take soup or ron'akoho (chicken broth with ginger).

The bush taxi will arrive in Ambanja early morning around 6am - 7am. From Ambanja, you have to take a collective taxi (4,000 Ar per person) to go to Ankify (the port), a trip of 30 minutes quite pleasant with beautiful pictures to take.

Once in Ankify, you have to take the boat to the port of Hell City - Nosy Be. Here you have three possibilities:

  1. Fast shuttle which leaves every hour (once the boat is full) from Ar 12,000 per person. Be aware that surcharges may be required if you have a lot of luggage (it's up to you to negotiate ^ - ^). The trip will be much faster, in 45 min max you arrived at the port of Hell city - Nosy Be! Make sure to take the shuttle before 3 pm, from this time the sea begins to move
  2. The teuf teuf : Large & big boat that will take 3 hours to cross at 5,000 Ar per person, I deconseil you.
  3. Baccalaureat : For people who come by car.

Want a more comfortable service? Taxi First class is the solution, discovered in 2015, maximum 10 people by taxi-bush. The bush taxi is wider, the seats can bow, unlike the taxi bush usually where, when you arrive, you just want to rest. With them, once arrived I attacked the day like any other. Level fare, 168 000 Ar de Tana to Ankify, meal included.

Antananarivo - Nosy Be by car

If you travel by car, in the case of a driver guide (which I advise you) you just have to let yourself be guided. You can stop in nice places and why not make a detour to Mahajanga? By car, you go directly to the port, fast shuttle and Nosy Be is waiting for you! A tip, if you go by car, do not ride at night, the bush taxis are in convoy.

In case you want to cross the car to nosy be, you will have to go through the ferry, I hope you know hold a steering wheel right otherwise the car goes to the water ^^. Once the car is loaded, I advise you to take a fast shuttle and wait for the car quietly in the shade on Nosy Be. I have not personally traveled by ferry Ankify - Nosy Be, but stay 6h to cook, I've already done Soanerana-Ivongo Sainte Marie, the experience was enough, I avoid when I can ! Fare side, everything depends on the category of the car. If light car is between 100,000 ar and 150,000 ar, if big car, count from 200,000 ar.

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