Born from the fire of volcanoes, they are the daughters of water

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The star sapphire is renowned since antiquity for its powerful power promoting the spiritual life, it corresponds to the 6th chakra (Ajna, the third eye), it lends the property to protect from hostility, develop the premonition and promote that which brings him to the attainment of self-control and inner peace.

A star sapphire, what is it?

 This is the newage stone par excellence to enter the Aquarian era. Symbol of a sincere and lasting love when offered, attached by the contemporary astrology to Uranus, it is pledge of fidelity for the couples.

What is the power of spahir?

star sapphire nosy be

The sapphire rutile combination makes the star sapphire the "traveler's stone" by combining inner peace with the power of rutile. In order to strengthen the power of the stone and free it from the influences it may have been responsible for when making the jewel, it is good to expose the sapphire, a full moon night in a water bath sea, to recharge the cosmic energies of this true philosopher's stone.

History of the star sapphire

Ankarne's sapphire ribbon has been hand-crafted since 1996, 80 km from Nosy Be on the road to the north of Madagascar. It is a rock whose formation 20 million years ago was able to operate in underground magmatic pockets. In the basalt of volcanoes, anorthite - a kind of feldspar - develops with the help of carbon dioxide generated by the magma when it meets the limestone Tsingy - old reefs 160 million years - a chemical reaction creating the alumina silicate called corundum or sapphire.We sometimes find whole caves studded with sapphires, spectacular result of this alchemy. Its blue coloring is due to the simultaneous presence of iron and titanium. This opaque or translucent stone is distinguished by the beautiful shades of blue organized in ribbons that are the originality of the sapphire of the North, but the rarest and most fabulous is, without question, the star sapphire.The asterism is an effect from very fine rutile inclusions organized in bristles like unidirectional sheets placed at 120 ° on the three axes of the crystal hexagon, perpendicular to the prism, at the moment of crystallisation.The cabochon size reveals to the sun the shape of a star playing on the surface of the stone, it is a hologram because each part of the cut stone gives a star sapphire. Each part contains everything.

Why buy a Sapphire in Nosy Be - Madagascar rather than Europe?

star sapphire nosy be

Most of the classic sapphires sold in Europe are heat-treated to improve color and sometimes transparency. Practiced since antiquity by Sri Lankans, the operation traditionally consisted of heating the stone to a temperature exceeding a thousand degrees, and this for about ten hours in a blown overheated fireplace.

This "cooking" as practiced today in Sri Lanka and especially in Thailand consists of a complex treatment in controlled atmosphere and sometimes exceeding 1700 °. This treatment, authorized and legal, makes "commercial" stones that would otherwise not have the transparency required to be cut. As for the star sapphire, the heating with the blowtorch makes simply disappear its star!
The majority of sapphires sold on the local market have undergone no treatment other than faceting and polishing, so you have a sapphire of the highest quality.

Or buy a star sapphire?

For quality assurance, Le Tamarin, held by Frédéric QUEHEN, precious stones broker. Tamarin is a shop shop on the beach of Madirokely, open from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 18h without interruption

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